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The Ultimate Guide To ESU’s Party Scene

The Ultimate Guide To ESU’s Party Scene

ESU's party scene was voted by Barstool to be the most underrated in the country, so follow this guide so you can experience ESU's great parties firsthand!

Hey Warriors! Did you know that ESU is voted the #1 underrated party school in America by the ultimate rave party company, Barstool?  In fact, we have received several mentions in regards to our party scene.  For a university that is located in such a remote area, the recognition is pretty impressive, but even more remarkable is our party scene.  Keep reading for a guide to ESU’s party scene!

1. Peak party hours run from Thursday night to Saturday night.

Thirsty Thursdays have always proven to be a good time.  Weekends, in general, are always filled with booze and debauchery.  So, as long as it’s Thursday to Saturday, you can always be sure that you’ll find a party house.


2. Frats are a staple in the party scene.

The first and most popular party destinations are the frat houses, especially for the underage crowd.  However, the booze is short lived and you mostly just stand there and make idle chit chat.  Also, the houses are really crowded if you get there late.  Some frats throw better parties than others, so you should visit each of them at least once to figure out what kind of vibe you are into.


3. House parties are everywhere.

If the lack of any type of movement is not your forte, there are a variety of house parties to choose from.  To find the best ones, remember to follow all of the party related Twitter pages such as @ESUnightlife or @Inside_Esu.  But, please be safe and use good judgement.  Stay in groups when walking anywhere and watch your drink.  Furthermore, cops are known to come by and bust up parties, so make sure you do not get yourselves in trouble with the law.  Education majors, this applies to you most of all since you have to get your clearances checked every year, and a blemish on your record can cost you your career before it even begins.



4. The bar scene is everything.

One of ESU’s party scenes greatest features is the plethora of bars and restaurants it is located near.  Main Street is packed with awesome (and affordable) places such as Marita’s Cantina, Yard of Ale, and Jock and Jills.  In the day, they are great restaurants for the average college student, and at night, they turn into fantastic night clubs filled with toe-tapping music and great drink deals at certain times.  But, remember to bring your school ID, as well as your Driver’s License, in order to get in free of charge.  Otherwise, you will find yourself paying every entrance fee.  If you are legal and able to get into the bars, then this is your best bet for a good time.

5. Party at the Ridge ya’ll!

On some occasions, residents of the ridge can throw a mean party albeit a low-key one.  Since it is a dry campus, the Ridge is strictly a booze-free zone…if you get caught.  My advice would be to keep it small and hide the booze under your bed so that if RAs do come knocking, they can’t search your rooms…but they can open the fridge.  Just saying.


6. Springfest and Homecoming mark some of the best parties.

Day drinking, ESU events, and an avid nightlife make up Springfest and Homecoming.  There is always a party to attend, a bottle to drink, and memories to make (and then forget).  If ESU’s party scene is good on any other day, it is tremendous during these times.  You can see all the shenanigans on Twitter under @ESU_Springfest and the aforementioned accounts as well.



7. There’s always plenty of concerts.

Surprisingly, ESU has gotten some big names to perform for their students.  Last semester, Panic! At the Disco graced the stage at Mattioli.  Before that, All Time Low has rocked out as well.  Who knows who we will see next?  The Sherman Theater also provides students with a great music scene.

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8. School sanctioned events are great, too.

Not all fun events have to occur in drunken stupors. ESU has some great events as well.  Late Nite at the Rec is always a fan favorite, as well as Bingo and Karaoke.  Just keep an eye out on the events calendar so you don’t miss something you will enjoy.


10. Warriors over 21 can get a free taxi ride.

Stay safe and avoid drinking and driving by getting free taxi rides sponsored by ESU.  Go to this site for more information about the Safe Ride Program.

Again, with any party, there are risks involved.  Keep your wits about yourself.  No party is worth your health or your future.  Alternate drinks and keep track of your drink number so you can learn your limit.  Also, elect someone to be the DD and watch out for each other.  Above all Warriors, stay safe and have fun.  After all, “A little party never hurt nobody”…right?


What do you think about the ESU party scene? Share your thoughts and comment below!

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