I Entered A Bikini Contest In Vegas And Scored Big

I Entered A Bikini Contest In Vegas And Scored Big

It’s no secret that Vegas is known for its never-ending days, spontaneous nights, and of course, the booze and gambling. Some people win big, and others not so much. If you’re not a big fan of slot machines or poker (like myself), I found that entering a bikini contest is a different way to potentially score big.

If you’re anything like me, gambling is not your thing. When I went to Vegas with my best friend for our 21st birthdays, I was worried that drinking would be the only thing that appealed to me. On our first night, we went to Senor Frogs, and they were having a bikini contest. Long story short–I entered, I put on a bikini, I danced, and I won $300 in cash and multiple other gifts. If you are confident and don’t mind strutting around on a stage for a few minutes having fun, then girl­…this is for you.

Why should I do this?

 For the most obvious reason, it’s fun! When else are you going to get the opportunity to enter a bikini contest–let alone in Las Vegas where it’s the most acceptable? And let’s face it, when your kids are old enough to tell them, they’ll look at you like a legend when they find out. The most rewarding factor is of course, the money and prizes!

 What if it’s awkward?

 Even if you don’t have the help of some liquid courage to get on-stage in your bikini, I promise you will not feel awkward once you’re actually up there with. Every girl in that crowd is wishing they had the confidence to do that, and every guy is probably drooling over you. You basically feel like a Victoria Secret model on stage. While jitters are normal, confidence is key!

I Entered A Bikini Contest In Vegas And Scored Big–And You Can Too

 What if I fall?

 Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee this. However, if you know you want to enter the contest on a certain night or day, make sure your shoes are ones you can somewhat perform and dance in. After all it is Vegas, people have seen far worse than a girl falling in a bikini.

I Entered A Bikini Contest In Vegas And Scored Big–And You Can Too

What if people judge me?

 If people judge you for doing something like this (you put a video on your Snapchat or Instagram story), then they are below you. I’m serious. I can guarantee that any of your followers on Instagram or friends on Snapchat would never have the guts to do something like that. On that note, it’s Las Vegas. Are you going to sit around knitting in your hotel room?

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What if I don’t win?

 Even if you don’t get first, you’re guaranteed to walk away with some money. What made the bikini contest so fun for me is the “what if” factor. What if I win? Having that attitude gives you more confidence and room to have fun, which ultimately can raise your chances of winning it all. I will admit that winning is the cherry on top of the contest, but at the end of the day, it’s just for fun! You won’t lose out on anything either, because the contests are almost always free. You already scored big just by doing it.

I Entered A Bikini Contest In Vegas And Scored Big–And You Can Too

As lame as it sounds, entering a bikini contest was one the coolest and most memorable things I’ve done. If you plan on going to Vegas for the first time or plan on going back, make an effort to do this. Seriously. You will not regret it. You might even score big, like I did. You also don’t have to document it to the world if you just want to keep it between you and your friends. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…but not always!

So what are you waiting for…enter that bikini contest!

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