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20 Ways To Be A Total Girl Boss

20 Ways To Be A Total Girl Boss

A Girl Boss is someone who works their ass off to turn their aspirations into a reality, and someone who doesn't back down from a challenge. Sound like you?

So you want to be an a Girl Boss? Someone who works their ass off to turn their aspirations into a reality, someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge and someone who has been molded into a speaker, mover, leader, and a lover? So you sniffed out a Girl Boss, and now you’re here.? So you sniffed out a Girl Boss, and now you’re here. Or maybe you’re wondering how you can implement these traits into your life so you can follow in these same footsteps. Or maybe you’re intrigued by (simply) how the hell Girl Bosses do it. You came to the right place. Here are 20 ways to be a complete and total Girl Boss.

1. Building up your confidence.

Acknowledge the boldness that’s buried within you. Don’t let anybody step over you or your ideas. If you have an important thought, idea, or simply have something to scream out, deliver it with a natural ease that comes from your assertiveness and comfortability inside you. Building a foundation of confidence is what helps Girl Bosses continue to conquer every situation they’re put into. Confidence is key no matter who you are or what situation you are in. Of course, a girl boss is kind, understanding, and helpful, but they don’t let anybody step over them. Find the bold beast within you, and use it to speak your mind. Put your weight into every step.


2. Don’t step away from a fight.

As a Girl Boss, the ability to protect yourself and speak what’s on your mind is a big part of what determines your success in the future, helping mold you into the confident and expressive woman you are. This is what’s going to make you thrive: fighting for yourself and what you believe in! EVEN IF your friends disagree. Be your own person!

3. Know when to say NO.

Saying yes to everything can start to wear you down, especially if you aren’t looking out for yourself and prioritizing YOU in the first place. You don’t always have to give up your time and go out of your way to do something on the hour, because yes, it is tolling, and sometimes not healthy.


4. Also, know when to say YES.

Don’t turn down opportunities! If somebody invites you to an event, a get-together, a party or a meeting (you name it), make some time! Even if it’s an hour, it could be beneficial for you and a one-time opportunity!

5. Be aware of your posture.

Keep your head up, keep your shoulders straight and walk slower with each step. Shake the ground underneath you.

6: Know when somebody is taking advantage of you.

Don’t be afraid of confrontation. If you’re being stepped over or being used, retaliate. Use your voice. Express your anger and don’t let your emotions sink in the pit of your stomach, don’t keep quiet. Breaking away from a situation like so seems scary, but it’s only for the better. You’re not disposable.


7. Be brave.

Don’t be a bystander. Be the person who steps into situations, who sticks up for those without a voice. Call the police in an emergency. Don’t stand there and watch. Be in control of the world around you, because in the end, THAT’S what makes you a boss, but most importantly, a good human! Not everybody has the guts to defend others, to overcome their fears or can adapt to stressful situations. Learn how to.

8. Let your actions speak louder than words.

If you promise something, bring it to life. Let your actions carry the full and true meaning of your words. You shouldn’t care too much about talk. Some of it will end in broken promises. Talk is cheap.


9. Be humble.

If you aren’t already, jump back to earth. Being a Girl Boss and a badass isn’t about having your head held higher than everyone around you, it isn’t about being egoistic and treating others around you as less equivalent.

10. Embrace your style. Own it.

Your style is an outside reflection of you. Try to find some style quirk. You don’t necessarily have to have an aesthetic because, in the end, your actions are what determines you as a girl boss. You could wear a Hawaiian shirt and sandals or denim on denim and still be a badass. But try to master a style that amplifies your confidence. Looking your best will have you feeling your best.


11. Be genuine.

Not everything is about impressing people or being the focal point of attention in the room. Be who you are, and fight for it.

12. Be on your best behavior.

Being a Girl Boss is not about getting into trouble. It’s also not about following the rules to a T, but definitely, don’t think you must be a “rebel” and change who you are to accommodate to this preconceived notion of being a trouble-maker. (But don’t conform to everything either. It’s contradictory, I know.)


13. Don’t complain.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Girl bosses simply learn from their mistakes and use every failure as a learning opportunity and as a chance to grow. Stop dwelling on the little things, cut out the whining, and complaining about small things. Learn how to work side-by-side with them and it will work out for you in the future with this practice.

14. You can’t take on the whole world.

Girl bosses are ambitious. They’re confident, they’re go-getters, and they’re hard-workers, but they also don’t cradle the world in their palm. It’s hard to take on every responsibility and you will only get overwhelmed. Take on what you can, and in fragments. If you work at a slow pace, that’s 100% okay. If you work at a fast rate, that’s also great. Just don’t overwhelm yourself, because you might burn out.

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15. Be KIND.

Smile at strangers you pass by on the street. Pay for somebody’s coffee. Call your friends you don’t speak to as frequently anymore. It’s okay to text first, to make plans first, and to compliment somebody. A Girl Boss doesn’t mean being closed-off. Spread your love!

16. Find a spiritual practice.

Find something that calms you down and relaxes your mind. Clearing your head is key to focused work. It will help you get your shit done, I promise. Even if it’s lighting candles and taking a bath, or putting on a face-mask and FaceTiming your grandma. Whatever puts you at ease and keeps you sane, do it! Practice it! Being a Girl Boss is tiring.


17. Challenge Others.

Say no. Piss people off if you have to. Ask questions.

18. Always be learning.

Take notes in every situation you are in, listen closely and learn about the environment you’re in and about the people in it. Learn about the past, the present and focus on furthering your education, furthering your knowledge and applying it to the world.


19. Do what you love.

Do EVERYTHING you love. If you find random adventures in every situation you’re in or have specific hobbies, spend every second doing what you love. It will motivate you and strengthen your passions and skills.

20. Accept that you’ll never get everything done.

You’ll make promises to yourself and might sometimes overwhelm yourself with tasks that will catch up to you. You can’t get everything done. Between taking actions on the goals that will get you to your dream life, tending to obligations, making money, maintaining relationships and getting work done, you’re never going to get it all done at once. And that’s okay! Being a Girl Boss doesn’t mean you’re superhuman. The ducks will never be in a row. Once you accept that, you start to get better at accomplishing what you have in front of you and adapting to the chaos of the universe. So just do what you can today. You have time.


Do you feel like a Girl Boss now? If not, that’s okay. You don’t need to change your life around or pretend to be somebody you’re not. If you’re going to take anything away from this article, it’s about building up your confidence. Make the world a better place, and don’t trade your dreams. Being a Girl Boss is definitely not easy, but remember that everybody is human.

These are 20 ways to be a total Girl Boss. Let me know what you thought in the comment section down below!
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