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How Your Personality Can Determine Your Dorm Decor Theme

High school graduation season has commenced, and, for many of you, that means it’s time to figure out one of the most important aspects of college. Designing your own space is extremely important, whether you are coming into college as a freshman, changing it up as a sophomore or upperclassman, or even living in a single dorm all to yourself; it’s cool to decide for yourself what your room will look like for the rest of the school year. Here is how 5 different personality types can actually help you decide on your dorm decor theme.

1. Happy

Having a happy personality means that you will most likely want bright colors in your room. Bright colors such as white and yellow will help to add a personal touch to the dorm, and ensure that you will have a great year in your own space.

2. Compassionate

People with a compassionate personality will mostly want a dorm room with some serenity. Maybe some wind-chimes, LED candles (because you can’t have real candles in dorm rooms), and of course colors, like blue and white, to keep you at ease.

3. Spiritual

Someone who is very spiritual is typically pretty in tune with nature. Someone with this personality would probably prefer a room with boho-like decor.

4. Fearless

Someone with a fearless personality will stop at nothing to make their room their own. The decor will most likely contain pastel colors with hints of light pink, white, and black. This room will be the life of a good party.

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5. Zealous

A person with a zealous personality will have an easy time finding decor. As passion and fierceness play large parts in their personality, their decor style will feature a lot of oceanic themes; with blue and brown being the dominate colors in the room.

Which dorm decor theme fits your personality? Let me know in the comments below!
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