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Fool-Proof Dorm Pranks To Pull On Your Friends

Dorm pranks are some of the best ways to create memories at college! However, you have to be cautious because they can easily create enemies. That’s why we have compiled a list of 14 fool-proof pranks you can pull without getting in too much trouble!

1. Flooded Hallway

This is one of the best dorm pranks! Simply fill several plastic cups with water and line the hallway of your building with them. Or, you can put the cups outside just your victim’s room. Either way, this prank will definitely slow down your victim(s) in the morning! If you want to stay friends, we recommend not doing this on an exam day. That could be a recipe for disaster.

2. Block The Signal

This prank is simple, hilarious, and completely harmless! Simply put a piece of tape over the sensor on your victim’s remote. Make sure that you use masking tape though! This prank will not succeed with clear tape. This one is best to do when your victim is getting ready to relax in front of their favorite show. Watch them try hitting every button and holding the remote at all different angles before they realize that their signal is blocked!

3. Lather It Up!

This dorm prank will completely confuse your victim! Simply paint a layer of clear nail polish over a bar of soap and put it in the shower or at the sink. Your victim will be totally fooled by the innocent-looking soap bar that won’t lather in their hands!

4. Sweet And Salty

This prank isn’t just limited to dorms. You can pull it on anyone, as long as they like tea or coffee! When your victim prepares their daily cup of coffee or tea, simply shake some salt into their cup. You will be in stitches laughing at their reaction! This prank works best if your victim drinks chai tea. Trust me, even if you are intimidated by dorm pranks, you won’t want to skip this one!

5. Slip ‘n Slide

Dorm pranks can get out of hand pretty fast. If you are willing to clean up a more messy prank, then this one is for you. Simply take a bottle of vaseline rub and put a glob on all the door handles that your victim might touch. If they are coming home with their hands full of groceries, this prank may frustrate them. Just make sure you don’t let them suffer too long before you come to the rescue.

6. Interior Rearrangement

This may be one of my favorite dorm pranks! If you want to stealthily annoy or exasperate your victim, this is the prank for you. Start by rearranging the utensil drawer in the kitchen. Once your victim notices, continue to rearrange other cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. You will quickly transform organized cooking into frantic searching. This prank is best when pulled on a meticulously organized victim since they are most likely to notice the changes.

7. Disorganize The Kitchen

This is a continuation of the previous prank that takes things to the next level. Eventually, you can start moving furniture ever so slightly out of place. These subtle changes will be easy to overlook until your victim starts running into things. Move the couch a little to the right, or tilt the kitchen table at a slight diagonal so that your victim thinks they have suddenly become a klutz. As a caution, this may cause some bruised hips and toes.

8. Fake An Injury

You want to be careful with this prank since some people might take it too seriously. You will definitely need a few friends to pull this one off! Have a friend call your victim and tell them that you have been injured and you need help right away. You can make them think you are going to the hospital, or have them call a fake number where someone tells them the extent of your injuries. Just don’t let it go too far, or they might never forgive you.

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9. They’re Coming!

This dorm prank is guaranteed to create some hilarious reactions! You will want to pull it on someone who is sleeping. Burst into the room unannounced and scream, “They’re coming!” with no context. Start gathering random items in a frenzy while screaming at your friend to grab everything in sight. Watch them burst out of deep sleep and follow you around in dazed confusion until they realize it is a prank!

10. Hold The Cup

If you have a short friend, this is one of the best dorm pranks to pull on them. Simply fill a cup with water and brace it against the ceiling with a broom. Ask your victim to hold the broom while you pretend to search for something. You can make them stand there for as long as you like.

11. Celebrity Invasion!

If you know that your roommate has a strong dislike for a certain celebrity, create a celebrity invasion in your dorm! Print out pictures of the celebrity and put those pictures in strategic places. You can put it in picture frames, inside cabinet doors, or on their mirror. This prank is guaranteed to annoy and startle your victim!

12. Krispy Kreme Veggies

Everyone loves donuts, right? You will be the hero of the day if you show up with a box of gooey Krispy Kreme donuts. You can wreck their day by filling the box with nutritious veggies like carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Just don’t be offended if your victims ignore you for the rest of the day.

13. Brown E’s

College kids love their food. Why not play a few dorm pranks that involve dessert? Invite your friends over and tell them that you made brownies. They will be so excited to dig into your dessert until they realize that the plate is filled with felt material cut into the shape of an ‘E’. You might want to have a backup batch of real brownies as a peace offering after pulling this prank.

14. Make An Entrance

If you want to get back at someone for sneaking up on you, try this prank! Put a few layers of bubble wrap under a rug and wait for them to walk on it. They will be completely surprised when their muffled footsteps create a popping noise. No more sneaking up on unsuspecting victims!

Which of these dorm pranks are you going to pull next? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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