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7 Gorgeous College Dorm Rooms You’ll Want To Copy

College move in is approaching! Are you getting stressed about moving in? Not sure how to decorate your dorm? Here are 7 gorgeous ways you can decorate your college dorm room. The first 4, are professionally done and curated while the last 3 are from actual college dorms. The difference between the first part and the second, is that the first is more idealistic where as the second is more realistic. For USC students number 5 and 6 are freshman dorm ideas are specifically for New North Residential College. Be sure to check out the room arrangement if that’s where you will be staying this coming semester!

Room 1

This room is perfect if you want to be stylish but still cozy. The accent color of the blue throw pillow and the corresponding throw blanket, makes the bed look put together. Grey is one of those colors that make it easy to coordinate with your roommate, but you can still have your own touch. The bedskirt is a great idea, so that all the clutter is neatly hidden away.

Room 2

If you are more into the girly vibes this room is the one for you. The pink and gold combination makes it very girly, matching perfectly with the aesthetic. This pink is one that is muted, so that it isn’t one of those gaudy in your face pinks. This college dorm is matching from the golden accent on the pillow, to the painting, to even the mirror with golden borders.

Room 3

Neutral tones are nicely put together in this room. With the cushioned headboard and all the grey colored pieces, it allows the space to feel very laid back. The nice touches, like the New York sign and the pictures on the wall makes the dorm feel more like home. And the practical nightstand-shelf is one that allows for a lot of storage and fits perfectly with this college dorm.

Room 4

If you are going all out on your dorm, you might want to copy the bed bath and beyond room. Everything is planned in this room, it’s picture perfect ! From the tapestry, to the rugs, to the fluffy pillows and chair it is all coordinated. This is the room you want to copy, if you are going to go the extra mile on your college dorm!

Room 5

Are you a freshman USC student who will be staying in New North? Brooke Tilson, has a beautiful and realistic room on display. It is stylish and practical , but still has her personal touches. The nicely put together bed, makes the room look complete and stylish. The cabinet spacing under her bed makes it very practical storage for extra supplies. And her name on her bulletin board ties in her personal touches to the space. This is an extremely nice makeover for a typical college dorm !

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Room 6

Need another New North college dorm inspo idea? Tally Wim and her roommate have made their dorm very matchy and symmetrical. With the same comforter, and the matching monogrammed throws along with the matching nightstands, this college dorm is very well-coordinated. Though most of the room is similar, there are a few wall decor pieces that differentiate them and show off their different styles and personalities.  If you and your roommate want to coordinate, this is a great example to follow !

Room 7

For a more low-key dorm, this is a great idea! With the floral pattern comforter and the numerous pillows, the bed looks very cozy. The wall-decor is what adds really cute details to the dorm. Be sure to use command hooks, or other alternatives, so that you don’t puncture the walls.  She also used the under the bed space and utilized it as storage which is very space-effective.

Which cute college dorm room will you use as inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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