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How To Get His Attention At The Bar

Alright, let’s be real, there’s no real science to catching a guy’s attention. After all, they usually aren’t pay attention to their surrounds, even when they’re out and about; unless they’re on the prowl, something that requires precaution. If you are wondering how to get his attention at a bar, it’s really quite simple. Obviously my first piece of advice is stop second-guessing yourself and go say hi. Usually when I give that piece of advice though my friends still clam up and get all shy. I hear the same response every time, “no, that’s weird.” One, it’s really not; people did used to go up and talk to one another back in the day. Shocking, I know! Two, there’s no better way to get his attention than being one of the few girls who’s bold enough to introduce yourself. Enough with the games. However, if you really want to play it the coy way, here are some tips to get his attention at the bar.

Already Made Eye Contact

If you find yourself having already made eye-contact, smile and work it. Check him out every now and then and let him catch you starting. Eye contact really is the most basic way to let a guy know you’re interested. Swap a few glances every now and then; try not to overkill it.

Don’t Be Too Busy

If you seem preoccupied, there is no way a guy is going to approach you. Guys are usually too intimidated to approach a girl who has a lot going on. If you want him to come say hi, pretend you’re bored or walk away from your big group of friends. If he catches you alone he’ll probably act fast. Create those opportunities for him.

The Walk By

If you haven’t already made eye contact with the guy, one way you could catch his attention is by walking by a few times. There is nothing more entertaining than being the wing-woman for my older brother and watching girls walk by a solid ten times. There’s nothing discrete about that and it blows your cover. Plus, it’s a little weird so chill out. Most importantly, walk by him alone. You could accidentally “graze against him” if you’re feeling extremely flirty. You could apologize and keep on your merry way.

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Make The First Move

Honestly, I would just say make the first move. Guys find women who take initiative attractive. If you are nervous, ask yourself this: what do you have to lose. The answer is most likely nothing. Do yourself a favor and stop overthinking and just go for it. That’s the best way of how to get his attention at the bar! Don’t waste your time playing games. Plus, you could go through all that effort and he might not even catch on. Don’t want to leave the bar wishing you had said something! Stop wondering how to get his attention and go for it. Life’s too short for trickery and missed opportunities!

Let us know what you think about how to get his attention in the comments below! If you make it to the next round, here are some tips from guys.
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