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How To Transform Your Bedroom For Homeschooling

How To Transform Your Bedroom For Homeschooling

So now more than ever people are opting for the homeschool/online school method over the traditional school. You might be low on space and might only your bedroom to fix up and work with. Well, no worries! Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling so you can incorporate what works best with your space. Homeschooling could be hard and this should make a bit easier.

Designated Space

This is important. You don’t want your whole room to also act as your study room. Make sure you have a wall or corner to put a desk in and some shelves and have that work as your designated space. Refrain from working on your bed no matter how comfy it may seem. Having a designated space allows you to get up and focus on what you’re doing with fewer distractions.


The organization is probably the most important thing when it comes to transforming one space for two different uses. If you don’t want your room to feel too cluttered and might not have enough space consider putting shelves on the walls. This can clear up knickknacks that are on the desk to give the student more space or it can work with putting your textbooks up there. Planners are a great idea but one might forget to check their planner or they might lose it. If this is the case consider putting up a whiteboard or a chalkboard (although a whiteboard is easier to clean) on the wall. This keeps it in sight and you know what they say “out of sight out of mind” well with this trick it’d be impossible to forget what assignments are due when. A rolling cart is a great idea for those needing their own spot for class supplies. Baskets also work great and can be placed on your bookshelf. They come in a variety of colors, prints, sizes, and affordability so these are some more accessible options to add. Try dedicating one shelf to your home school supplies so you know where everything is and you won’t waste time searching through your room. Purchase a file cabinet or a folder holder for the loose papers you might have printed out and work that you already completed or notes. Put tabs and folders for different subjects and ideas so they won’t be lost or crumpled up somewhere. This is a great idea for those who prefer to write things down rather than typing. It ensures a safe place for your schoolwork.

How To Transform Your Bedroom For Homeschooling

Desk and Chairs

Having the right desk is important. If you’re going to have a desktop instead of a laptop opt into a longer desk or an L-Shaped desk. L-Shaped desks are great because you can use one section for your desktop with your other section just for writing. This will allow one surface to always be open into use and won’t have any clutter making it easier for you to have a spot to study. Remember a desktop and keyboard use a significant amount of space on a regular small/medium-sized desk and you’d probably be crouched and constantly moving your keyboard out of your way. However, this problem doesn’t really occur with a laptop and they are slim and easily moved onto a shelf or in your bag. So if you’re studying using a laptop instead of a desktop you don’t have to worry if your desk is big enough as that problem won’t really occur. Now chairs are important, you’ll be spending hours day after day sitting at the same place you at the very least want to be comfortable. It’s better to invest a good desk chair with lumbar support over a stool or a plain dinner chair. However, if you’re using a regular wood frame chair it’s suggested to purchase a seat cushion for your chair. Think about it you’re not going to be able to focus on studying when your back and butt hurt and you’re constantly having to readjust to find a more comfortable position. It’s always better to invest in something that is going to be in continuous use as a desk chair.

How To Transform Your Bedroom For Homeschooling


You need good lighting to study. So maybe you rely a little bit too much on natural light, that’s great but what happens when you try to do a late-night study session? Let’s say your ceiling light is a bit too warm or too dim for you to see clearly and you need a light more focused on space. Good lighting is important. You might want to purchase a desk lamp and have it in the center/ in-between your desktop and writing area. Make sure the lamp you’re getting is the one that fits your look better and is more bright and clear than the usual warmish glow. So maybe your desk is a bit too small and you rather have a pencil holder on your desk than a lamp but you still need better lighting, what do you do then? Purchase a floor lamp. Those may be bigger and take up more space in your room but try sliding it into a corner or in a gab in between your bookshelf and wall. Look for a little nook near a plug for your floor lamp to go. Always purchase replacement light bulbs just incase your light bulb dies during a huge study session for a test, do not worry you’re covered. Thinking ahead for future accidents will help in the long run.

How To Transform Your Bedroom For Homeschooling

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Just because it’s a study space for homeschooling doesn’t mean it has to be a bleak and boring space. It’s not a prison feel free to decorate it slightly with some more welcoming and cheery pieces. Add cool prints that will help you study. A print of the world map would look cool and studious whilst adding something to your walls. A print of a photo you took will also look nice. An inspirational quote or hanging plants would also add a nice touch. It adds creativity while not being too distractive to your schooling and studying.

How To Transform Your Bedroom For Homeschooling

How are you preparing your room for homeschooling? Tell us in the comments!

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