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5 Reasons Why I Chose The University Of Mississippi

5 Reasons Why I Chose The University Of Mississippi

I know that the University of Mississippi was the best choice for me. Here are 5 reasons why I decided to go to Ole Miss.

When the time comes for us to decide where we want to further our education, a sense of panic can settle in. There are tens of thousands of universities around the world — and that’s not even including technical colleges, community colleges and trade schools! There are numerous paths for each of us and our family to consider, such as price, distance, programs, and more. I once faced the same panic that everyone reading this article is now, and even though it was a confusing time, I know that the University of Mississippi was the best choice for me.

1. It has one of the greatest campuses in the nation.

Okay y’all, I know everyone raves about their school’s Campus, but seriously, it doesn’t get much better than Oxford. Ole Miss is a big university with a small school feel. Ole Miss is covered in historic, red brick buildings and blooming with southern charm. The University of Mississippi’s beauty makes walking to class in the humidity a little less terrible, since we can walk through the grove or past the Phi Mu fountain. Students are spread all over the campus, taking advantage of each bench and inch of grass this beautiful place has to offer. It’s also completely walkable! (I’m talking Martin to Turner in 9 minutes if you really need to.)

2. It packs a big punch when it comes to football season.

Ole Miss does not play when it comes to football season. Each game is designated an appropriate color for fans, and the Grove runs from sun up to sun down. Fun fact: the reason everyone dresses up for football games is because men would come home from war dressed in uniform to meet their wives! Some things just never change y’all. It takes a lot of heart to be a rebel, and it’s safe to say everyone who attends Ole Miss has more heart than any other university.


3. Perfectly imperfect.

It’s a real campus. Ole Miss has impeccable programs with all the bells and whistles you would want, but those programs are housed in historic buildings with who knows what going on inside. Students who live in the dorms on campus take pride in the dorms. Nothing a little monogramming and a few throw pillows can’t fix, right? Struggling builds character, and character will take you farther than any private bathroom ever could.

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4. Be there or be square.

If the square isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, then you’re wrong. The Square has everything from fine dining to a bookstore for kids, and everything in between. Bottletree Bakery serves cinnamon rolls the size of your head, and the rooftop of Rooster’s plays live music for those out on the town.


5. It’s juuuussstttt right.

The University of Mississippi is the perfect mix of what everyone needs, wants, and deserves. It has football, it has Greek life, and it has tradition. It is Ole Miss.

Why did you choose the University of Mississippi? Tell us in the comments below!
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