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You Know You Go To Loyola Chicago When

You Know You Go To Loyola Chicago When

If you got to Loyola Chicago University you know what these signs are like. At Loyola University Chicago students have a lot of fun. Here we go Loyola Chi.
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Congratulations, you go to Loyola Chicago. Like all schools, this one has it’s share of inside jokes and other fun things. From instantly recognizing the ICONIC Sister Jean to knowing what a Rambler is, here are some things that clue you in to being a student at Loyola Chicago.

You know the Iconic Sister Jean.

What a lady. Sister Jean is the chaplain for the men’s basketball team and a campus minister and a living legend. She’s also 98 years old and lives on campus in Regis. She’s always around campus and says hi to everyone.


You know the Farmer’s Market is where it’s @ on Mondays in the fall.

Where else can you get fresh, homegrown produce, support local businesses, and listen to live music? A lot of places, but this one is right next to campus under the Loyola stop so it’s very close.

You know the reality of the Lake Effect.

It truly is cooler by the lake, both literally and metaphorically. When the wind blows, everything hurts.

You know the struggle that is crossing Sheridan Road.

It takes about twelve years for the light to switch and, when it does, you have like ten seconds to sprint across. Unless you want to walk anyways, get hit, and have tuition paid for.



If you have a WTC class and you try to take the shuttle.

The shuttle, where they pack as many people as possible on and then gets stuck in downtown traffic. But, if you take the train, it’s also packed sometimes and it sometimes stalls. Lose-lose situation here. But the shuttle is nice if you have to go downtown in the morning or at night because it runs until midnight M-F.

You also know what WTC stands for.

Water Tower Campus, located near the Water Tower that survived the Chicago fire. It’s also located near the Mag Mile. What other school has a campus like this?


Minimum 50% of your core classes are bio and/or pre-med students.

There are so many pre-meds on campus that if you find someone who has the same major as you if you aren’t, you share a bond already.

When there’s like 4 tour groups in Damen and you can’t get around them.

Is blaming being late to class on tour groups a good reason? Because I’ve had to sprint across the quad and up to the second floor of Mundelien several times to not be late.

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You try to locate a party for the weekend but it’s near impossible.

You need a lot of connections, you can’t just walk around campus until you find one. Unless you go up to Northwestern, then you might find one.

You know who Fran is.

The sweet angel of Simpson dining.


You know you can’t go into the library through those green doors.

If you want to graduate on time at least.

You know what the heck a Rambler is.

Go ‘blers.


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