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Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Friends

Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Friends

If you're home for the winter but are bored AF, you should definitely check out this list of holiday traditions to start with your friends!

Christmas is right around the corner and that means one thing; quality time with your squad. Whether you’re spending some QT with your college friends after finals week or catching up with friends from home during winter break – the holidays are a great time to be around the people you love. Here is a collection of traditional and creative ideas for holiday traditions to start with your pals.

For your friends at home

1. Cookie Party

This is one of those classic holiday traditions that is sure to please. Spend an afternoon camped out in your kitchen and make some yummy sugar cookies. Once all the cookies are baked, set out fun sprinkles and every colored frosting you can think of and have a blast decorating your cookies and seeing everyone’s creative designs.


sugar cookies

2. Wrapping Party

Do you have a jam-packed break? Than this tradition should be perfect for you. Invite your friends over and have everybody bring the gifts that they have waited till the last minute to wrap. Throw on some Christmas tunes and bring a little fun to the typically monotonous task of gift wrapping!



3. Volunteer

What better tradition to start than giving back to your community. Look around for churches that serve hot meals to the homeless or other charities that need extra hands for the holidays and gather as many friends as you can to make a difference. These types of holiday traditions are what the season is really about.

holiday volunteering

For Your Friends at School

4. Dorm Decorating

Living away from home can mean you’ll miss out on the annual decorating of the house, but this doesn’t mean you have to go without decorations. You and your roommate(s) can decorate your dorm room with a little creativity. Find a miniature tree to put on your desk and make ornaments, decorate your door, or even make a Christmas tree out of washi tape on your walls. You can find little ways to bring the Christmas magic right to your dorm.


dorm decorating

5. Ugly Sweaters

One essential item for your closet this season is the ugly holiday sweater. Set aside an afternoon and go to the local thrift shop and find the perfect holiday sweater. If you and your friends are more creative, you can always opt to make your own sweater. Invite the gang over and get to work crafting the most unique and outrageous sweaters you can think of.

ugly sweaters

6. Finals Week Secret Santa

With all the stress of finals week, wouldn’t you love to have a secret cheerleader helping you through? Gather everybody’s name in a hat and pick one name out. Throughout the week leave little gifts or notes of encouragement for the person you picked and help them get through the week.

secret Santa

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For Everybody

7. White Elephant

This holiday gift exchange tradition is a classic. Set a price range (around $10-20), then everyone buys a single gift and wraps it up. Put as many numbers that there are people in a hat and have everyone pick a number. Starting with #1, each person wraps an unwrapped present or chooses to steal a present that someone has already unwrapped.

white elephant

8. Look at Christmas Lights

Pile all your friends in a car and go on an adventure through your community to find who has the best Christmas lights. For some added fun, have everyone write their favorite down on paper so you can see if you all agree on the same one!

Christmas lights


9. Christmas Movie Marathon

What is one of the best parts of the holiday season? Christmas movies! Gather everyone on a cold winter night, bundle up in your blankets and binge watch every jolly holiday flick you can think of while snacking on sweet candy canes.

Christmas movies

All these things have one thing in common…celebrating friendship! So no matter what you decide to do, have a happy holiday with your crew!

What are your favorite holiday traditions with your friends? Tell us down below!
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