10 Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

There is always one gift you forgot to buy! But don't worry, these 10 tips for last minute Christmas shopping have got you covered.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Absolutely! There’s nothing better than Christmas cookies, Christmas movies, and Christmas trees; and we can’t forget Christmas presents! We all love getting presents, some more than others. But when it comes down to being prepared for that long anticipated day of gift exchange, some of us could use a little help. Within our busy lives, it’s hard to find time to go shopping, order, and wrap countless presents for our friends and loved ones. I always seem to procrastinate shopping until the last minute, so take it from someone who knows a thing or two about last minute Christmas shopping – here are 10 tips for all of you who wait until the last possibly second to get your holiday shopping done.


I know it’s a busy time of year. But you can’t let them see you panic. Sit down, write your list, and most importantly, do not panic. As long as you maintain your composure, stay organized, and get that extra shot of espresso in your Americano, life will be okay.

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2. Keep it simple.

By now, it’s too late for complicated and elaborate gift giving. Sorry, pal. Your best bet is to think of that person’s personality and go from there. Classy and sophisticated? How about some gourmet tea. Hipster-esque? iTunes giftcard and coffee. It’s that simple.

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3. Narrow down your stores.

Attempt to find and locate as many gifts in one store as possible. Going to one place such as drugstores with a range of gifts, department stores with options for multiple ages, or big commercial stores such as Target, maximizes your shopping efficiency. In the long run you’ll be thankful you get the busy last minute Christmas shopping crowds out of the way at one place instead of 27.




I cannot stress this enough. You can’t go into last minute Christmas shopping blind. Make a list of the gifts and also of the stores where you can find the gifts. Organization is the key when it comes to last minute Christmas shopping, so make that list and check it twice. Santa will be so proud of you and you can thank me later.



5. Shop online.

When you shop online you’re free from the crowds, screaming children, and annoyed cashiers. Plus you can stay in your footie pajamas. You can find absolutely anything on the Internet, especially for your gift recipient that may just be a little too picky for anything you can’t find specifically in stores.

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6. Thrift-it up.

Put on your Macklemore playlist and get to work. Thrift shopping is so handy, although not a lot of people think of gifting thrift store items. But why? There are so many unique and trendy items available, you never know what you’ll find. Try to check out places in your area that sell secondhand name brand products.




7. Get crafty.

Pinterest is FULL of amazing, last minute Christmas gifts to give. You just have to put your Martha Stewart apron on and get out the glitter. With a little imagination, a lot of creativity, and a whole lot of pinning sprees, you can make multiple Christmas gifts for everybody on your list.

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8. Don’t shop until you drop.

As much as you have to get done, make sure you take time to get plenty of sleep, food and water. Yes, you do have a lot to do, but if you’re not in the correct mindset for shopping, chances are it will end in an utter fail (and overspending just so you can get it over with).


9. Two words: gift cards.

Think about it. Gift cards don’t require spending three hours in department stores looking for the PERFECT gift, because with gift cards, the recipient can pick out that perfect gift themselves! From restaurants, to clothing stores, to a plain old VISA gift cards, there’s a card for everyone…and they come in the cutest little boxes too. Last year, instead of stuffing my stocking with nail polish and lip gloss, my parents stuffed it with gift cards.


10. When all else fails, Amazon Prime.

One of my favorite online commercial stores would have to be Amazon. Apart from its million retailers, it has Amazon Prime, which is possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread. Amazon Prime offers FREE 2 day shipping, as well as unlimited movies, TV shows, and music. I cannot stress this enough. FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING. THAT IS AMAZING. Plus, it offers a free 6-month trial and is half off for college students when using your .edu email address.


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So, whether you’re looking for your parents, siblings, or close friends; any of these tips are a sure-fire way to make those spirits bright. Here’s to you, procrastinators. Looks like we’ve got something in common.

What are you last minute Christmas shopping tips? Tell us down below!
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