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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents Who Have Everything

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents Who Have Everything

christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything

If you’re a child of a parent who owns just about everything ever created, then don’t freak, we’ve got you. A parent with everything just needs gifts with a bit of creativity! We have present ideas for both your mom and dad that range from necklaces, to wall art, books and more! These Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything will definitely put some ideas in your head!

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1) For Mom – A Sentimental Birthstone Necklace Of All Her Children

To really get the water works going, gift your mom a necklace of yours and your fellow siblings birthstones. It will mean so much for her to represent all of her kids on just one necklace!

2) For Mom – Coordinate Bracelets

To stay within the theme of personalized gifts, how cute are these bracelets?! If you’re not feeling a birthstone necklace, pick your mom up some gold bracelets with your birth coordinates on it. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for parents who have everything!

3) For Mom Or Dad – Some New Technology

If I can guess correctly, your parents probably aren’t totally up to date with the latest gadgets and gizmos. Help them out and hook them up with a tablet. Perfect for your mom to peruse the web for recipes or for dad to check the latest scores on all the sports games. Lenovo has some super affordable options that your rents are bound to love!


4) For Dad – Pirate 5 Panel Hat

Do you have a dad who loves to fish? If so, then he’s going to love this navy-colored 5-panel hat with a skull and bone pirate insignia embroidered into it! It will become his new favorite hat to wear whenever he goes fishing!

5) For Dad – These Awesome Reef Bottle Opening Sandals

If your dad loves a cold brew every once and a while, then these bottle opening flops will do him wonders! It may be cold outside, but come summer these shoes will be his favorite pair! Definitely one the of the best Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything!



6) For Mom – Because You Know How Difficult You (well your siblings) were

All of those times you got into trouble at school, asked for money, and fought with your mom can be made up for with this mug! Well, okay maybe not, but it’s a step in the right direction. Your mom will surely thank you for understanding with this cute mug!

7) For Dad – Make Him Laugh With This Hilarious Mug

If your Dad’s been known to pass some gas from time to time, call him out with this fun mug! A gift like this will definitely have him smirking, and he will appreciate the comedic gesture!



8) For Dad – An Official Spoon To Show His Love For Ice Cream

If your dad is a lover of ice cream, get him an official spoon so that he can eat his favorite dessert in style! Hell, you might as well gift him the ice cream to go with it. Definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything!

9) For Both – If They’re Still In Love

A personalized present like this will be hung on the wall for years to come. Not only will this keepsake have your parents gushing over fond memories, but will win you major bonus points for being the best child!


10) For Dad – A Unique Bucket List Journal 

This fun journal is a great Christmas present for your dad. Write out all the bucket list ideas you know he wants to do and then throw in some you’d like to do with him! It will definitely be appreciated, and is one of the greatest Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything!


11) For Mom or Dad – A Drawing Of The House That Raised You

You will never forget the home you grew up in, and neither will your parents. This is where all your fondest memories are, and a lot of times when the kids grow up and move on to college, parents are left with a house too big for the two of them, that eventually is sold. However, if you have a picture of your childhood home, send it in and have an artist replicate it! A great gift to be hung on the walls!

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12) For The Stepmom – An Ornament To Let Her Know She Matters

Remind your stepmom that she’s done a great job at fulfilling her role as “mom” with an ornament that is straight and to the point. This “best stop mom ever” decoration will really bring on the tears!

13) For Mom – These Hilarious Kitchen Towels

If your mom’s a cooker, at least get her something that will make her laugh while she’s working hard in the kitchen. These towels have a sense of humor, and are sure to be one of the best Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything!


14) For Dad – A Book Made For His Man Cave

If your dad, like many, resorts to his man cave for all of his favorite shows and sports programs, then this is a great coffee table book for him! Every time someone enters his cave and sits on the couch they can leave their signature, that way he can have records of those who enter his space!


15) For Mom – Let Her Relax With An At Home Spa Treatment

Bath salt, salt scrub, soap, and bath bomb is all your mom needs to have a nice relaxing getaway! This is definitely a gift she wouldn’t buy for herself, and is worth every penny!

16) For Mom – If She’s A Triple Threat

A gift that’s perfect for the mom who’s got it all going for her. This phone case is a daily reminder of the respect you have for all she does on a regular basis! This present will definitely get its use!


What are some of your Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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