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5 Signs You’re Officially Over This Semester

5 Signs You’re Officially Over This Semester

1. Netflix > Homework

Let’s see, you have two projects, three papers, and finals are just around the corner. The stress is rising and Netflix is loading. Instead of you tackling those projects and studying, you order a pizza and binge watch three seasons of Gossip Girl. What does this mean? You are officially over this semester.

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2. Sweatpants have become your best friend.

Do you recall at the beginning of the semester when you planned out all of your outfits every night before class? When Pinterest was your fashion advisor? Today, that is no more. You wake up surrounded by homework you haven’t done, and class starts in ten minutes. Sweatpants are warm and comfortable, like a nice hug. Which you could use, considering all the stress you are in. It’s getting cold outside anyway, so why try?



3. The library is your nap time space.

You make some time during your day to go to the library to finally write those papers that you have been putting off. You find that perfect big comfy chair in the corner, put your headphones in and get your laptop out. However, instead of being the productive college student that you want to be, you realize how tired you are, how quiet it is, and how comfy that chair is. Soon enough you are curled up and out like a light. Sweet dreams!

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4. Class doesn’t seem to be worth it anymore, so why go?

We get it. Some days you just don’t want to adult. You haven’t finished the project yet, and it’s due at the beginning of class, which doesn’t give you a warm comfy feeling inside like Chuck Bass does, who is currently frozen on your laptop screen. So you just email your professor and say you have the stomach bug, no big deal. Tell Chuck Bass we said hi!


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5. You’ve run out of everything.

Snacks. Money. Laundry detergent. Clean clothes. The will to move. If you seem to have run out of, well…literally everything, you are 100% officially over this semester.

Even though it may seem like the end of the world right now with all of the homework, finals creeping up around the corner and Chuck and Blair just broke up for the twentieth time this season, you have to be strong. Put Netflix on the back burner for now, grab some coffee, and tackle those papers and projects. It’s crunch time. The only way you are going to reach your dreams is to push through all of this homework. So say goodbye to Mr. Bass and crack open those books. You can keep the sweatpants on, but you still have to be productive. So get to studying, and good luck on your finals!



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