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10 Halloween Decorations Perfect For A Dorm Room

10 Halloween Decorations Perfect For A Dorm Room

Halloween is one of the best times of fall no matter your age. Living in a dorm room may seem like a limitation in achieving an extravagant Halloween vibe, but smaller spaces mean even more intense decoration! Here are 10 Halloween decorations perfect for a dorm room.

1. Candles

Candles are an essential Halloween decoration. Fall candles add a coziness to any space, and the dim light emitted from a candle is an easy way to add a spooky vibe to any space. A plus to living in a dorm room is that you don’t need many candles to fill your living space. So go crazy! Get a ton of cheap fall candles from TJ Maxx or Dollar Tree and get a perfect fall and halloween vibe.

10 Halloween Decorations Perfect For A Dorm Room

2. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are another staple to add a cozy vibe to a door. During Halloween, try and find some orange fairy lights that will add a Halloween vibe to the dorm. Any fairy lights will do though. Attach some additional Halloween decorations to your fairy lights and you will have the coolest Halloween-decked-out dorm!

3. Pumpkins

Duh, pumpkins are a Halloween staple. During the fall, several stores sell multi-colored cheap mini pumpkins, perfect for a dorm room. Amazon sells mini pumpkins as well, sometimes with a jack-o-lantern face pre-carved into the pumpkin. If the pumpkin has space for it, add a candle into the pumpkin! This will add to the cozy vibe and be really cool in the dark. Also, the candle will always make your dorm small extra autumn-ey!

4. Blankets

Blankets with Halloween graphics on them will easily add some Halloween spirit to your dorm. If you have a couch in your dorm, you can easily drape these over the couch to add to the Halloween look. A plus of these blankets is they keep your warm in the cold fall weather. Especially if you go to college on the east coast, dorms are cold during the fall no matter how high you turn up the heater. Having a warm and thick Halloween blanket will not only add a fun Halloween look, but also help you survive the blistering cold.

5. Pillows

Pillows with Halloween graphics are another great way to add some Halloween graphics to your dorm. Another great addition to a couch, pillows are a cheap way to make your couch more comfy, as most dorm room couches do not come with pillows. These can usually be found in abundance at Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, or Amazon. You can find plenty of cool graphics, so search for the ones the match the vibe of your apartment!

6. Trick-or-Treat bucket

A trick-or-treat bucket is another one of the essential Halloween decorations! Even if you don’t have any trick-or-treater coming by your dorm, keeping a bucket full of candy in your dorm is not only yummy, but a great way to stay in the Halloween spirit. We have all seen the multi-packs of candy they sell at the grocery stores during the fall, so pick up one of those, a trick-or-treat bucket, and stick it in your dorm room! This is a great way to feed your guests and of course stay full on candy. That’s what Halloween is all about, right?!

7. Door decal

It’s a popular practice to decorate dorm room doors based off of the season. Halloween door decals are no exception! These door decals are a great way to be reminded to get into the Halloween spirit every time you walk into your dorm. These stick on decals can usually be found at the grocery store or Amazon. You can also add things like fake spider webs or spiders to the outside of your door. Think of all the extreme Halloween decorations you would see as a kid when you would go trick-or-treating. Take inspiration from that and condense to a dorm room door. If you really go for, you can be the envy of all the other students!

10 Halloween Decorations Perfect For A Dorm Room

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8. Halloween wreaths

Just like Christmas wreaths, Halloween wreaths are a great way to add some decoration to any dorm room. One of my biggest difficulties in decorating my dorm room was the empty wall space. The lifeless walls of a dorm room really stick out like a sore thumb, so use a Halloween wreath to add some life to your dorm. You can find lot’s of different styles and colors of these wreaths, so be sure to make this one of your essential Halloween decorations in your dorm! This can also be added to your door decal.

9. Bats

Another great way to add life to the walls in your dorm, bat stick-ons are a great decoration to add to your walls. We all know that bats have an essential place in Halloween decorations because they add to the spooky spirit and dark vibe. These bat stick-ons are easy to find, whether it be at the grocery store or Amazon.

10. Sultry spooky flowers

Finally, one of the coolest ways (in my opinion) to add Halloween decorations to your dorm is to find some dark flowers and put them on a table. Whether they be real or fake, they add a great Halloween vibe to a dorm room. You can find black roses or even rotted roses, which will create that look of decay and abandonment that is so popular during the Halloween season. You can also find a spooky looking vase to put the flowers in. If you don’t want to put these in your dorm room, another great place to put them is outside your dorm room door on the ground to add the door decal. They make a great entry-way contribution.

10 Halloween Decorations Perfect For A Dorm Room

These Halloween decorations are a great start to getting any dorm room in the Halloween spirit, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Some of the best Halloween decorations are the ones that aren’t necessarily store-bought. Try to make this a way to show your own creativity. Especially with the door decal, you can add plenty of additional decorations that are homemade. So don’t be afraid to fully immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit and take charge!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you planning on decorating your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

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