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13 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

13 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is getting close which means you’re probably trying to decide what to dress up as. There are so many options out there, but if you are planning on dressing up with your significant other, luckily this narrows down your options just a bit. I have put together a list of the top 10 couples Halloween costume ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit!

1. Minions

This is by far my favorite couples Halloween costume. It’s fun and easy to be sexy or modest. Now you and your man just have to decide if you’re going to be Stuart, Bob, or Kevin!


2. Hunter and Deer

This is another costume that’s easy to put together. All he needs is some hunting gear! For the deer, the key is to get creative with your makeup. Search Youtube to find multiple tutorials. Then just wear all brown and add in a pair of antlers.

3. Firefighter and Dalmatian

Here is another chance to dress as an animal. This costume is also a great excuse for him to show off those abs. A pair of suspenders and a fire hat for him, and a white dress (that you’re willing to draw spots on) and a pair of floppy ears for you!


4. Jack and Coke

This one is very cute and also provides a solid drink idea for Halloween night. No big makeup transformations needed for this one, just a Jack Daniel’s T-shirt and a red dress (which you can draw the Coca Cola logo on). Dress it up or dress it down as much as you want to!


5. Tj and Spinelli

If you are looking for a costume that has just the right amount of sass, this one is perfect. Easily recreate the costume from items in your closet and you’ll be the coolest kids on the playground!

6. Danny and Sandy

Based on the movie classic, you’ll be singing and dancing all night with this costume. It’s super comfy and you’ll stay warm, a nice added bonus. It takes decent hair skills to bring back Danny and Sandy’s 50s-inspired dos. For him, think lots of hair gel. For Sandy, big curls and of course, fire engine red lipstick!


7. Cinderella and Prince Charming

This year a new Cinderella movie came out so why not use that as an excuse to dress like the princess you are, right alongside your Prince Charming. This costume can be either modest or sexy – I love the idea of wearing a tulle skirt!


8. Curious George and Man in the Yellow Hat

Who doesn’t want to be an adorable monkey? Wear all brown and be sure to top it off with a pair of round ears and a long tail. Your man needs to sport an all yellow outfit, including a wide brimmed hat. If you can convince your boyfriend to pull this look off, good job! And come on, don’t you want to take a cute picture like this one?

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9. Zenon and Nebula

Who said couples Halloween costumes ideas aren’t for best friends!? This one is another throwback to Disney Channel characters. I love how fun this costume is with all of the bright colors and futuristic clothing items you get to wear. If you live somewhere cold this is a great option because you can add multiple layers.


10. Wendy Peffercorn and Squints

Another fun throwback to your childhood, this is a very simple costume. A red lifeguard shirt, white sunglasses and a whistle will make your outfit complete. Squints needs the black rimmed glasses, a baseball hat and an unbuttoned plaid shirt. This couples Halloween costume also gives you an excuse to be practicing your mouth-to-mouth skills any time you want to. On a side not, this is me and my boyfriend last year.


11. Lois Lane and Clark Kent

This is a classic costume! Have your Clark Kent wear a Superman shirt under a white button down and tie, unbuttoned enough so that everyone can see the big S! You can have fun with your Lois costume by creating a press badge for her. Make sure you both have those iconic black glasses and you’re good to go!

12. Adam and Eve

The OG couples Halloween costume! Sew or glue leaves to nude underwear to create this look. You can dress it up with accessories like flower crowns, snakes, and of course an apple!

13. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

This is one of the cutest couples Halloween costume ideas! Throw your hair up in a top knot, secure with a white ribbon, and grab your green tutu. Make sure your Peter Pan is ready to slip on some green tights, too!


What are some of your favorite couples Halloween costume ideas? Tell us in the comments below!
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