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Get Cheaper Textbooks When You Rent with BookRenter!

Get Cheaper Textbooks When You Rent with BookRenter!

Depending on what major you are and what classes you are taking, textbooks can make a big indent on your budget. I had mostly English classes so my books were generally small paperbacks that only cost $5 or so, but many students are spending hundreds of dollars on just their books alone. After what most students are paying for tuition, having to spend so much money on books really limits the amount of money they have for other activities.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. Rather than pay the big bucks at your school store, rent your books instead! BookRenter is a website where students can rent their textbooks for much cheaper than buying them. You can save up to 80% off on your textbooks by choosing to rent them at BookRenter instead of buying them. And you don’t even have to worry about selling them back because at the end of the rental period, they’re gone. I’ve had so many books that can’t be sold back, and they just clutter up my room. When you rent books, that is never a problem.


So save yourself the trouble of finding books in the bookstore and save money when you rent your books with BookRenter! There’s no need to buy a $200 textbook just for one semester and sell it back for only $50 when you can rent it instead. It’s easy, there’s free shipping both ways, it’s cheap, and it will give you money to spend on other things like food and having fun with your friends. And you get 5% off when you rent 3 or more textbooks!

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Check out BookRenter to get books for 80% lower than you would at the bookstore! And get 5% off 3 or more textbook rentals!

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