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The Best Bars And Clubs In Brighton For Students

The Best Bars And Clubs In Brighton For Students

Looking for the best student bars and clubs in Brighton? We’ve got you covered.

Brighton is one of the most popular student cities in the UK and that’s largely down to the city’s huge selection of bars and clubs.

While Brighton’s nightlife lacks the glitz and glam of other UK cities such as London and Leeds, what the city does off are ‘let your hair down nights out’ and plenty of quirky and inexpensive places to enjoy drinks with friends.


Here are our favourites:

Twisted Lemon

If it’s cocktails that you’re after then it has to be Twisted Lemon. This cosy bar is a student favourite for one main reason: it boasts the cheapest cocktails around. WIth happy hour running from 12-9 PM Sunday to Friday, pick one of the many selected cocktails here and a drink needn’t set you back more than £5. The friendly staff will be happy to mix up any drink that’s not on the menu too.

The best bars and clubs in Brighton for students



Hobgoblin is another one of those, not quite a bar or a pub but either way, it’s a student favourite. Popular with the eighteen to twenty-somethings, what makes this London Road hangout so great is its huge outdoor seating area with plenty of tables, booths and heaters to keep you warm. Be sure to bring your student card as there are plenty of drink deals on offer every night.


Located right on the beachfront, Coalition is one of the most popular mainstream clubs in Brighton. Open most nights of the week, the most popular events of the week are Trash Mondays and Friday I’m In Love, featuring chart music and a great vibe. Drink prices are very reasonable for a club and it’s always packed full so you’re guaranteed a good time. On a sunny day, it’s a nice place to sit outside on the beach and enjoy a mojito.


the best bars and clubs in brighton for students

Pav Tav

The Royal Pavillion Tavern or Pav Tav, as its generally known, is a Brighton pub that’s popular with all ages but particularly students due to its crazy cheap prices. You can stop off here for good old pub food and a drink. However, what most people come for are the tunes and drink deals that go on late into the night Thursdays through to Mondays.


The Tempest

The Tempest is Brighton’s best beachfront bar. It has loads of tables outside so its great to people watch from on a sunny day and catch up with friends. It’s usually busy late into the evening so its a great place for a low-key evening if you’re not quite sure you want to go out-out.

the best bars and clubs in brighton for students

The Haunt

Everyone ends up at the Haunt at some point during Freshers and when it comes to clubbing, this fun club never fails to disappoint. It’s not a dressy place, in fact, you could get away with wearing pretty much anything. However, The Haunt offers guilty pleasure club classic featuring the likes of Pink, Michael Jackson and S Club. Plus it has the cheapest club drinks in town. Go on a Thursday night, add yourself on the guest list and get there before 12 for Brighton’s best student night out.


The Font

The Font is one of those in between a club and a pub places and it’s the best option if you’re going to have a few drinks with friends but still want to make it to class the next day. This large bar is located down one of Brighton’s gorgeous old Laneways and it boasts two floors: a dance floor in the middle and balconies overlooking it from upstairs. There are always plenty of good tunes and a fun atmosphere.


the best bars and cubs in brighton for students

Mash Tub

Mash Tub is one of Brighton’s most popular student pubs. it’s located right between the north and south lanes by the Pavillion so it really is right in the heart of everything. It’s not a party place but it’s an ideal place to sit outside with after class drinks and some good food along the side.


Shuffle is a cocktail bar that’s made for students. This chilled bar is fairly new on the scene but it’s already made a name for itself. Located on London road near the student housing, Shuffle has drink deals on every day with 241 cocktails available most of the time. It’s deceptively large inside with a nice heated outdoor seating area. The best part about Shuffle is that you even get to choose the music that’s played by connecting your phone to the Jukebox.the best bars and clubs for students in brighton


Wetherspoons, Western Road

It’s nothing fancy but it wouldn’t be a real night out without a trip to spoons. Everyone’s got one in their hometown and the Brighton Western Road one delivers everything you’d expect it to. Plenty of pitchers, lots of seating and cheap food late into the night are all part of the experience. Start your night off here before heading to one of the main clubs in Brighton.

Donuts at Patterns

Previously held at Brighton’s Green Door Store, Donuts has now moved to Patterns, one of the most popular clubs in Brighton for Indie Gigs. Patterns boast two floors with a dancefloor downstairs and a nice balcony area upstairs. Get there early on a Tuesday and be sure to hang out near the front stage so you don’t miss out of the actual free doughnuts being handed out. The hilarious candid photos of you all stuffing your faces are obligatory.

the best bars and clubs for students in brighton


There you go, we’ve taken the trial and error out of it, these are hands down the best bars and clubs in Brighton for students. Think we’ve missed anywhere out? Leave us a comment below.