An Ultimate Guide To BU Sorority Recruitment

When you come to college, it usually helps to join a club, sports team, or some type of organization on campus in order to meet new people and always have fun things to do with your time. It is so important to join whatever organization you think you would enjoy best. Whether this may mean Greek life for someone and not for another, it doesn’t hurt to learn about recruitment and at least give it a try! Keep reading for the ultimate guide and everything you need to know about BU sorority recruitment!

Should I even rush a sorority in the first place?

A lot of people shy away from rush because of some of the big myths about sororities: you’re buying your friends, you’re forced to drink and party, you’ll get hazed, you need to be rich, all the girls are mean and judgmental, you can only be friends with girls in your sorority, you have to be a “sorority/ girls girl” etc…

But c’mon! Girls- we’re in college now- don’t avoid something that you could really love just because of rumors and other people’s un-informed opinions. The worst that happens is you hate it and you drop, it’s not the end of the world. Whatever decision you ultimately choose, always remember it is important to keep an open mind!

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De-Bunking Some Classic BU Sorority Recruitment Myths

“You’re buying your friends”

Every sorority has their dues but once you join you’re spoiled by your big, you host several events including your philanthropy event, are invited to countless social events, and have some kind of bonding retreat. So yes you have to pay but you’re paying for the things you’re experiencing, not your friends.

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“You’re forced to drink and party”

Sororities participate in mixers with fraternities and other events that sometimes serve alcohol because most juniors and seniors in college are legally allowed to drink. No sorority encourages girls underage to drink. And yes sororities do host mixers and formals that are considered parties and take attendance but there are other non-party scene events that you can attend to keep your attendance up…but who doesn’t want to dress up and dance the night away with friends?


“You’ll get hazed”

In recent years sororities have really cracked down on making sure that there is no hazing occurring in any of their chapters. If you ever do feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any situation remember that these are your sisters and they want to welcome you so let your pledge mom or someone know.

“You need to be rich”

Every sorority and every chapter sets up their dues differently but there are always different payment plans to accommodate you, and if none of them do, speak to your financial head and they will surely work with you, that’s what they’re there for. Outside of dues nothing is required but there are always new t-shirts or more brunches to go to, but none of that is required, its all up to you.

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“All the girls are mean and judgmental”

When you join any large group of girls whether it be a sports team, a job, or a sorority there is always a chance that you’re not going to like every single person, but regardless of that a sorority is a sisterhood. If you do have a problem with a girl there are people in the sorority to help you guys through it. That being said every sorority is filled with girls who were intimidated just as much as you were and they are just as nervous and excited as you are about rush. Plus no one who is really nasty would be able to fool a whole sorority of girls to get in.


“You can only be friends with girls in your sorority”

Every sorority is filled with girls from every kind of background, sports team, major, and country who also have friends and a life outside the sorority. Just because you join a sorority doesn’t mean you have to drop all your other friends. Many girls continue to be friends and even live with girls in other sororities or who are un-involved in Greek life. The reason that myth even exist is because you grow so close to your sisters that they become some of your best friends and you do want to hang out with them a lot.

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“You have to be a ‘sorority/ girls girl'”

A closet full of Lily Pulitzer dresses and a jewelry box overflowing with pearls does not make you a sorority girl. The only thing that makes you a sorority girl is actually being in a sorority. Although some sororities on your campus may have some stereotypes given by others outside the chapter every sorority is filled with every kind of girl. Whether you love Lily Pulitzer, despise it, or have never heard of it- there is still a sorority for you.

Prepping for Bu Sorority Recruitment

Plan your outfits out ahead of time.

One of the most important ways to prep for recruitment is to plan your outfits ahead of time. Make sure that your outfits fit in with the dress code of the day but still show your personality and make you feel confident and comfortable. If you buy new shoes make sure to break them in so that you feel comfortable standing in them all day.

TIP: Wear a signature accent color each day so that you will stick out and be remembered easily.


What should I bring?

Every day of recruitment you’re given a schedule but you never know what’s gonna happen or if your break is gonna be as long as yesterdays. It’s best to keep these essentials in your bag with you at all times: food, chapstick, gum, deodorant, perfume, hair ties, bobby pins, and make up you might need to touch up. If possible bring a pair of comfy shoes to slip into before, in-between, and after just to save yourself.


The Recruitment Process

Smiling all day, repeating the same conversations, and being excited all day can be really draining but it’s all worth it. Every day of recruitment is different as the themes and the girls you talk to change but there are some basic things to remember throughout recruitment.

Go into recruitment with an open mind.

One of the worst things to do is to go into recruitment already decided on what sorority you want to be in or what sorority you don’t want to be in. Just because you’re a legacy or you’ve heard good or bad things about a certain sorority you need to go into recruitment considering all your options. Stereotypes of sororities are not always true but also feel free to ask the girls you talk to about any concerns or worries you have. The girls you are talking to have been in your shoes (heels) before and are just as nervous and excited about recruitment as you are. Although there are always the basic questions you need to answer at each sorority, make sure that your conversations are engaging and flow well for you.


Be yourself.

Act like your self because you’re not trying to impress the girls you’re trying to find who you fit in with most and feel most comfortable around. Feel free to ask questions back about the sorority itself, their experience, or even just about they girls themselves. It should be like having a conversation with a friend and you should be excited to go back the next day. You are just as in control as the girls in the sororities so just relax and be yourself.

But remember to be professional.

However there should be a little professionalism and try to avoid conversations about alcohol or boys that could potentially make you look bad. Each day of recruitment is crazy but try to take down some notes after you talk to each sorority to try to keep your memory fresh after talking to so many girls. However if a sorority just isn’t making an impression and sticking in your mind it might not be for you.

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Be prepared for:

Clapping and cheering/ answering and asking the same questions in loud rooms. (So speak up!)

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How to choose the right sorority

By pref night you’ll be down to your top two sororities. It feels like it’s a tough decision because honestly there’s not a 100% right answer. The best way to decide is to follow your gut. Don’t go with the group of girls who you want to be like but the group of girls who you are already like. Ask yourself: 1) what do I want out of joining a sorority and who can give it to me best? and 2) who do I want to eat pizza with at midnight while wearing sweatpants? After you’ve answered those questions you’ll know what sorority to join.

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