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15 Games To Play This Labor Day

15 Games To Play This Labor Day


When planning a party or get-together for Labor Day you wanna be prepared with some great games! Depending on the size of the yard or if you’re going to a park or something there are many different outdoor games to break out on Labor Day. If you’re interested in building your own versions of these games then there are plenty of DIY sites out there for a variety of these games. You can also spend the money to buy the equipment necessary for some of these games. Here are 15 games to play this Labor Day!

1. Giant Dice – Yahtzee!

A fun game to break out on Labor Day is an oversized version of a classic game is getting yourself a set of giant dice for some outdoor Yahtzee! You can also use dice for a number of awesome outdoor games for Labor Day parties so they’re a worthy investment. The dice could be used indoors or outdoors but enjoy some fresh air while you play some Yahtzee with friends/family during your Labor Day party!

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

2. Cornhole

A classic and growing favorite game that would be perfect for Labor Day parties is cornhole! You can buy many different sets online depending on your budget and how serious of a “cornholer” you think you are. If you’re a handy craftsman then you can even build yourself a set of cornhole boards fairly easily! The game is simple enough you set up the boards apart from each other and the two teams take turns throwing their cornhole bean bags at the other team’s board trying ideally to get the bag into the hold. You get the number of points as bags you have on top of the board but that number also cancels out with the number of points the other team got during that turn as well. If you get the bag in the hole then you get even more points! A great choice for Labor Day parties to get a little competitive play going without having to expend too much energy. But you’ll still get plenty of sunshine!

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

3. Ultimate Frisbee

If you have enough friends or family at a Labor Day party then you can break out a frisbee for some games of Ultimate Frisbee! Split into teams and work together to pass the frisbee across the “field” to the opponent’s goal. You can only take a few steps when holding the frisbee so passing and teamwork are key.


4. Ladder Toss

Here’s a game for a Labor Day celebration that anyone can play whether they are friends, family, kids, grandparents, or whoever! Ladder toss is great because it’s an easy game to learn, competitive, and super fun! You just need to use the “bolas” to throw and wrap around the rungs of the ladder. You can also knock off your opponents’ bolas to steal from their score!  It’s not an expensive game and is lightweight and easy to set up so it’s very mobile. You can have it in your backyard or take anywhere very easily so makes for a great party favor for a Labor Day get-together! 

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

5. Water Balloon Relay

If you want a nice water game to cool off on a hot Labor Day then it’s always fun to do a water balloon relay! Split your people into two teams then you’ll relay to toss water balloons down the line and back without breaking it! Whichever team gets the most water balloons down and back in the time limit (five minutes or so) wins!

6. Backyard Twister

If you’re looking to go all out for your Labor Day party, and are also fans of the classic game “Twister” then check out this cool idea. Use marking spray paint and a 5-gallon bucket with the bottom cut out to make a twister board right on your lawn! Make sure to let the paint dry beforehand or else you’ll have some angry patrons at your Labor Day party. No harm to your lawn either you can just wash it off with the hose when you’re done! Here’s the site if you’re interested in doing it for yourself! 

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

7. Outdoor Bowling (DIY)

Bowling doesn’t have to be limited to bowling lanes you can just make a set for yourself and set it up in your backyard. This DIY site shows how you can take some used water bottles (32-ounce or bigger), some white spray paint, and red Duct tape to make your own bowling set! It’s great for a Labor Day get-together as a fun group game that anyone can play.

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

8. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a classic game that’s great for a Labor Day party as it’s fun and easy to learn & play! You just need a big open area and a solid bocce ball set. You’ll have two teams with four bocce balls each. Somewhere in the middle of your open area, you’ll place a jack (white ball) and this is where both teams will be trying to roll their balls near. You want to get your balls as close to the jack as possible without actually touching/moving it. You can also play defense by knocking away the opposing team’s bocce balls with your own! It’s an easy game to learn and the sets are very affordable so try it out at your next Labor Day celebration!

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

9. Big Jenga

Take Jenga to the next level at your Labor Day party and play a massive version out in the backyard! You can get a tower that stacks to about 2.5 feet at the start and near the end (after playing for a while) it will be about 5 feet! You can buy big sets online for fairly cheap and use them for lots of different occasions besides a Labor Day celebration.

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

10. Giant Connect Four

Another oversized version of a classic game is to grab a massive Connect-4 (or 4-in-a-row) game set. An easy game perfect for Labor Day that anyone can play and can be set up anywhere! You can even build a board yourself if you’re crafty enough and willing to put in the effort.

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

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11. Supersize Beer Pong

Take beer pong to the next level by, like many games on this list, make it bigger! Get outside and set up tall buckets into pyramids and use inflatable balls to show off the true skill you gained in college. It can be an expensive investment if you’re looking to buy the full set online but it’s durable so it’ll last you for a while. It can also be played by almost everyone and because they’re too big to fill with beer (or hey no judgment here) then children can play too! Easy to set up just fill the buckets with some water or sand and get to playing during your Labor Day celebrations!

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

12. Soccer Game

If you have enough people at a Labor Day party then you could grab a soccer ball and some cones for a fun game of soccer! It can be especially fun (or maybe funny is the right word) with a couple of drinks beforehand but not necessary. Enjoy a fun, competitive game you can play anywhere you have a decent-sized field. Or just pass around the ball in the fresh air! 

13. Horseshoes

Possibly one of the oldest games out there, horseshoes is a simple game of throwing horseshoes at the far post trying to either “ring” the horseshoe around the stake or land nearest to it. That can be a simple way to play but there are more advanced rules and regulations that have been developed over the years. It’s great for a Labor Day party as it can be easily transported/set up in different places and anyone can play!

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

14. Card Games

If you don’t want an active game to play during Labor Day then you can also just break out a table and a deck of cards. There are so many games you can play that you can play tons of fun games while enjoying the fresh air and festivities of Labor Day!


15. Mölkky: Outdoor Throwing Game

Molkky might be one of the less well-known yard games but it’s really fun and addicting! It’s an easy game to learn but a difficult one to master. The idea is that you’ll set up 12 pins on the grass which all have a number on top from 1-12. You’ll then take turns throwing the Molkky stick at the pins. There are two possibilities when you knock down pins. Either you get the number of points from the number of pins you knock down, or if you knock down one single pin then you get as many points as that pin’s number. The first one to 50 points wins but the kicker is that you need to get exactly 50 so if you go over then you go back to 25 points! Highly suggest Molkky is you’re looking for fun, easy to set up, and super competitive game for a Labor Day celebration!

15 Games To Play This Labor Day

What are your favorite games to play on Labor Day? Any others that were left off this list? Share them in the comments!

Featured Image Source: Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash
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