10 Reasons to Love Fall at CSUN


Goodbye, summer, you really flew by! Hello, fall! It’s time to break out the football apparel from your closet, start planning what you’re going to wear for Halloween and enjoy a lot of school events! Here are 10 reasons to love fall at CSUN!

1. You can feel it in the air!

After a deathly hot summer, is there anything better than a refreshingly cool breeze? Plus, the vibrant tree colors at the Oviatt Lawn are gorgeous.


2. The intense wait for the football season is finally over!

Wear your favorite team’s jersey with pride and catch games at the campus pub. It is one of the best places to hang out with friends-old and new!



3. Halloween is right around the corner!

You know what that means? Pumpkin Patches, of course! Explore the local areas, such as Chatsworth, for some awesome fall activities!

4. Fall is the best time to party on campus.

You simply can’t go wrong with CSUN’s festivals, concerts, and celebrations…BIG SHOW, here we come!

5. Get the freshest apples from local farmer’s markets!

Every Tuesday from 10-2, vendors travel far and wide to visit CSUN. Enjoy the freshest produce from local growers and get a head-start on holiday shopping!


6. Enjoy the perfect fall drink at CSUN’s Freudian Sip, a twist on the classic PSL!

They have their own twist on the PSL…*Pumpkin Spice Latte* for you non-coffee goers. Enjoy Happy Hour every Wednesday from 4-5:30. YUUUM!

Isn't Freudian Sip great during the fall at CSUN?


7. Go see insanely talented students perform at VPAC and theatre events!

Who doesn’t love some great entertainment?

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8. There are tons of school sporting events to keep you busy with friends!

Show your Matador pride at some exciting soccer or basketball games.

9. During midterms, CSUN has great gifts and prizes to win to get through the struggle!

10. The weather is so perfect, it still feels like you’re in Cali everyday!

Some of us wish it was a bit colder though…smh.

We kinda wouldn’t mind this tbh…


Fall at CSUN couldn’t possibly get any better! Enjoy it!

What is your favorite thing about fall at CSUN? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: instagram24.com and bonvoyagelauren.com