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15 Bold Living Room Ideas For This Fall

15 Bold Living Room Ideas For This Fall

When the air starts getting cooler and the leaves begin to change, you know you’re in the midst of the beautiful fall season. One of the best parts of fall is not just the beauty outside, but also the beauty inside your home! Decorating your home for fall can not only make a bold statement to anyone who walks in, but it’s also just pretty to look at! Check out this list of bold living room ideas for this fall that’ll have you wishing your own living room looked this good!

1. Mantle canvas

Let a beautiful canvas placed onto your mantle speak for your living room this fall! Canvases like the one pictured below aren’t usually too expensive, depending on the size. Pick a canvas with your favorite fall quote, a cute design, or just anything that matches the rest of your decor!

2. Coffee table centerpiece

I love choosing out new centerpieces each season, mostly because of how creative you can get with them! For the fall, go with some small pumpkins, candles, or anything else you think looks good! Use neutral fall colors in your centerpiece to create a nice fall vibe in your living room!


3. Spooky decor

The crisp chill in the air means that Halloween is quickly approaching, so why not go all out with some Halloween living room decor? A lot of people might think Halloween decor is cheesy or not-so-cute, but I really think you can make anything look good with the right tools. Turn your living room into a spooky hideout this fall!

4. Redecorate your shelf

Everyone has the one shelf in your home that is always being rearranged to fit your needs, so why not rearrange it to reflect the seasons as well? Stack your shelf with adorable fall decor pieces like pumpkins, fall-colored plants, canvases, or books. This is a great way to keep things fresh in your home so you’ll never get bored with your decor!

5. Throw pillows

A living room can really be changed up with some simple throw pillows, so I highly recommend grabbing some this fall! Go with fall colors, a Halloween theme, or ones with cute fall quotes on them. Plus, your couch will be ten times comfier with a bunch of new pillows to lay on!


6. Fall-colored rug

Making a bold statement with your living room this fall could be as simple as getting a new fall-themed rug! Go with red, orange, and brown tones to give your space a brand new look this fall! Find a rug that matches the rest of your living room decor so everything meshes together perfectly!

7. A bowl of pumpkins

Amping up the feel of your living room doesn’t have to be complicated this fall. A great way to change some decor up in your living room is simply by putting some small pumpkins in a large bowl, and placing the bowl anywhere you like! I love this piece of decor because you can easily change it up to fit whatever season you need. Fill the bowl with pinecones, fruit, flowers, or anything else you think might look good!

8. Fall entryway table

You can’t forget about the areas of your home right next to the living room when it comes to fall decor ideas! Consider decking out your entryway table with a whole bunch of fall decor that’ll get you compliments every time someone comes inside your home! Stack some pumpkins, hang a wreath, or place some flowers on your table to make your house feel homier than ever!


9. Cozy blankets

One of the best parts of fall is the fact that you can finally ditch the summer clothes, and get into more cozy ones. The temperature is just perfect to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, so I highly recommend changing up your living room look with some cozy new blankets!

10. Wall of leaves

Maybe you’re tired of the same old decor or maybe you just really want to make a statement this year. Either way, this wall of leaves could look stunning in your living room this fall! Of course, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for bold fall decor, this is definitely one route you could take!

11. Fall prints

Fall would not be fall without an excess of cheesy fall prints you see all around stores during that time of the year. Even if they are a bit cheesy, these fall prints are super cute no matter where they go in your house! Hang some around the walls of your living room to give it a brand new feel!

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12. Halloween mantle

Mantles are the perfect place for any kind of decor during any season and it’s clear why! There’s a bunch of free space to use, plus you can hang things all around them. This Halloween mantle is perfect for any lover of all things spooky and would look stunning this fall!

13. Halloween aesthetic living room

There are tons of different ways you can deck out your living room this fall, but this one is a personal favorite! Between the darks colors and pops of orange and gold, this living room is perfect for any die-hard Halloween fan. This look is certainly bold, but don’t be afraid to express yourself this fall!


14. Candles

Maybe this is a no-brainer for some people, but if your living room is lacking nice aromas and soothing light, I highly suggest going all out with some candles. This will make a bigger difference to the lighting of the room than you probably realize, plus, some of the best candle scents are fall-themed!


15. Fairy lights

The final living room idea for this fall is also potentially an obvious one but really does a lot to change up a room. Fairy lights can do wonders when it comes to the ambiance of a room, and are especially nice to have during the fall and winter months. They add a beautiful glow to the room that you just can’t get anywhere else!


Do you think you’ll be trying out any of these living room ideas this fall? Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

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