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30 Awesome Best Friend Gifts Under $30

30 Awesome Best Friend Gifts Under $30

Looking for a holiday gift for your bestie? Take a look at these 30 awesome best friend gifts that are all under $30! What a steal!

If you’re in need of some holiday gift ideas for your best friend, then this is the ultimate best friend gifts guide for you! This list includes gifts ranging from necklaces to mugs to candles to pictures, so you’re bound to find something that will match your best friend’s taste. The great thing about this list is that everything is under $30! And if your best friend also happens to be your roomie, here are some cute gift ideas for your roommate!

1. Best Friend Journal

I’ve always thought that a journal about why you love your best friend is a super cute idea for a gift. Etsy has a wide range of journals with cute best friend quotes on the cover, such as “Before you, I never knew how important a best friend could be,” “We will always be best friends because,” and “Here are 100 reasons you are my best friend.” With a book full of quotes, pictures, memories and reasons why you love him/her, this gift is bound to be remembered.

Price: About $5-7

A journal is an adorable option for a best friend gift!

2. Close-Up to Heart Frame

Picture frames are one of my go-tos for best friend gifts. They don’t require artistic talent, but make for a cute desk/drawer accessory. With its “I <3 (picture),” this frame is a simple but cute way to tell your best friend that you love him/her.

Price: $14


3. Glass Display Frame

This little foldable picture frame holds two pictures and is an adorable accessory for a nightstand or coffee table. It’s very small, so it won’t take up much room but it will bring back good memories.

Price: $10

4. Birthstone Bangle

It’s hard to go wrong with a birthstone bangle. Your birthstone represents who you are and it will never change, so what better way to display your birthstone than to wear it on a pretty piece of jewelry? If you don’t want to spend a fortune on an Alex and Ani bracelet, then you can find a cheaper birthstone bangle on Etsy.

Price: $9.00

These best friend gift ideas are so cute!

5. Personalized Infinity Bracelet

Infinity signs represent a never-ending love/friendship, so infinity bracelets are a cute and stylish way to tell your best friend that you’ll always be friends. If you want to make the bracelet more personal, you can even add charms with you and your best friend’s initials to it.

Price: About $11

6. Best Friend Necklace

What shows off your friendship more than matching necklaces? If you and your best friend are looking for little reminders of one another, a necklace set is a great – and affordable – idea.

Price: $10.90

7. Snowflake Necklace

With its cute snowflake charm, this necklace is festive and perfect for the holidays. If you’re not the sentimental type, this necklace could be a good pick for your best friend because it’s pretty but not sappy.

Price: $14.95

8. Alex and Ani Bracelet

Alex and Ani jewelry makes for a great gift. Every charm has its own meaning, and the bangles are really good quality. There’s a charm for everyone, so you’re bound to find a bangle that your best friend will love.

Price: $28.00

9. Best Friend Key Chain

Key chains make for a cute gift if you’re looking for something cheap but pretty that your best friend will want to keep on their keys. Whenever your best friend looks at their keys, he/she will think of you!

Price: $7.99

These best friend gift ideas are so cute!

10. Food Basket

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a food basket! With popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, peanut brittle and more, there is bound to be some goodies in this gift basket that will hit your best friend’s sweet spot. Maybe he/she will even share some of the snacks with you to say thanks. Plus out of all the best friend gifts in the world, you can’t go wrong with food.

Price $19.95

11. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Baths are a great way to relax, and if you throw in a bath bomb you’ll be in your happy place. So why not bring your best friend to his/her happy place with this bath bomb set? For just under $20, you can experience relaxation and relief from stress and dry skin, thanks to these vegan and all natural essentials oils.

Price: $19.47

12. Bath Salts

If you’re not feelin’ the bath bomb idea, you can always try some healing bath salts. Made from sea salts, floral botanicals, and herbs, these bath salts will detox you and leave you feeling fresh.

Price: $19.95

These best friend gift ideas are so cute!

13. Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set

If your best friend is in need of some nourishing skin care products, then look no further than this Burt’s Bees set. It comes with a handful of trial size products, so your best friend can try out each product and figure out their favorites. Beauty supplies always make perfect best friend gifts because you can never have too many!

Price: $9.88

These gifts for best friends are so cute!

14. Birchbox

Birchbox is a company that sends you a monthly box with five product samples. The boxes include haircare, skincare, and makeup products as well as information on how to use the products. Birchbox is awesome if you’re looking to try out a bunch of different types of products, so if you’re looking for a holiday gift for your best friend under $30, you can surprise her with a three-month subscription.

Price: $10/month or $110/year

These gifts for best friends are so cute!

15. Desktop Plaque

Plaques are one of my favorite best friend gifts to make. They’re meaningful and nice to look at, but simple to create. Shutterfly has a large selection of desktop plaques to choose from, and most of them are under $30. Every time your best friend sits at their desk, they’ll see the desktop plaque and think of you!

Price: Starting at $24.99 or $29.99

These gifts for best friends are so cute!

16. Phone and Music Accessories

ModCloth has some pretty and stylish iPhone accessories for your phone loving best friend. You can surprise your friend with a patterned phone case, speakers, charging cables, or portable chargers to name a few. If your friend is into flowers, she is bound to love a phone case from ModCloth because they sell a handful of floral cases.

Price: As low as $9.99

These gifts for best friends are so cute!

17. Long Distance Ornament

If your bestie is far away, you can give her this ornament when you reunite over the holidays. This will remind her of you and your friendship, no matter how far apart you are! These are such sentimental best friend gifts!

Price: $27

18. Photo Ornament

If a store-bought ornament isn’t creative enough for you, you can make your own ornament on Shutterfly! You can choose pictures, a design, and a message that your best friend will love and remember you by.

Price: $24.99

19. Meow Wine Glass Set

If your best friend loves wine and cats, then they’ll love this wine glass set. It comes with a set of two stemless wine glasses, one with a cat face and whiskers and one with the word “meow.”

Price: $14

20. Drink Happy Stemless Glass

If your best friend isn’t a fan of cats, then maybe she’ll like this wine glass set instead. It comes with a set of two stemless wine glasses that say, “Drink Happy Thoughts.” It’s adorable for a girl’s night!

Price: $16

21. Photo Mug

Mugs are another one of my favorite photo best friend gifts to make. They are meaningful and thoughtful, but they are also useful because you can drink from them or put things in them. It’s a cool feeling when you see your best friend using the mug you made for them.

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Price: Starting at $18.99

22. Kitty Tea Mug

Another cute gift idea from Urban Outfitters for your cat-loving best friend is a kitty tea mug. In addition to this mug being shaped like a kitty, it also has a little compartment on the side to place your tea bag after it’s finished brewing!

Price: $7

23. Panda Mug

I know, another mug, but I like this one too much not to include it! Not only is it shaped like a panda, but it’s also heat sensitive! When you pour hot liquid in it, it changes color, so your sleeping panda suddenly wakes up!

Price: $18

24. Mini Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t love to eat waffles?! With this mini waffle maker, your best friend can indulge in delicious waffles whenever they want. He/she will think of you whenever they are eating a warm stack of fresh waffles.

Price: $18

25. Eat Pretty: Nutrition For Beauty, Inside And Out

This book by Jolene Hart is a guide on how to boost and re-model your beauty and lifestyle through food. With the help of this book, your best friend will be on their way to “eating pretty.”

Price: $16.95

26. Dry Erase Memo Elephant

Not only does this elephant figurine make for a cute desk accessory, but it also helps you to remember things like events and appointments. You can write down what you don’t want to forget on the elephant’s eyes.

Price: $26

27. DIY Smartphone Projector

Your best friend will be able to snuggle in bed with a cup of hot cocoa while watching videos she has on her phone. This projector will basically turn a room into your own home theater!

Price: $32

28. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

Have you ever met anyone that doesn’t like mac and cheese? With this book by Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade, your best friend will be able to go beyond boxed macaroni and make recipes such as “Truffle Mac,” “Vermont White Cheddar Mac,” and “Breakfast Mac.”

Price: $16.99

29. Astrological Tin Candle

If your best friend is really into astrology, then this candle is perfect!. Each zodiac sign has its own smell, so your best friend’s candle will be unique to him/her.

Price: $15

30. Monogrammed Wristlet

This fashionable wristlet is a great accessory to put your belongings in when you’re out and about. You can even personalize it with your best friend’s initials.

Price: $19.95

What are some of your other ideas for best friend gifts? Share in the comments below!

30 Under $30 Awesome Best Friend Gifts!
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