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Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try

Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try

School’s about to start again and for a lot of us, that means that schedules are about to get a lot busier! If health and fitness are important to you, you probably want to keep exercising a priority even when schedules get a bit hectic.

Maybe you find it hard to get any kind of workout into your back to school schedule, and that’s ok! That’s why I’ve created this little list of fun workouts that can easily fit into your back to school routine. Have fun! 

School Recreation Center Workouts

If you go to a university/college that has a recreation center, usually they’ll have group classes throughout the day that you can go to! The great thing about these kinds of workouts is that they’re where you go to school and they’re usually really affordable since you’re a student there. 

Find a class that looks like fun and fits into your schedule, and you can walk there before or after class without having to go anywhere! The gyms usually have showers, so you can shower off after and head right back to the library to keep studying. 

Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try

Spin Class

Spin classes are great because they’re usually only about 50 minutes to an hour long and you can take classes at all different times of the day. A great time for students to take class is in the early morning (if you’re motivated to wake up early)!

That way you’ll get a great workout in before you start the day. If you carve out that little part of your day, you’ll be so thankful you did and you might even notice that it’ll start to benefit your school work!

You’ll find that accomplishing something challenging and healthy in the morning really has the power to kickstart a productive day. 

Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try


Pure Barre Class

Pure Barre classes are similar to spin in that they’re only 50 minutes long and offered throughout all times of the day. (Although a spin class is usually a lot more cardio based and high intensity.)  I personally find it very easy and effective to work Pure Barre classes into my busy school schedule because of the early morning times that they offer! 

Pure Barre is such a fun thing to do and it’ll benefit you in many ways, like helping you to be less stressed during the school year. You need to try a class! If you’d like to know more about it, click here to read my article called Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try

Youtube Workouts

Youtube workouts are great to add into your back to school schedule because you can usually do them anywhere as long as you have your phone or computer with you to follow along. These are great to do when you don’t have time to go anywhere and you can just do them at home or in your dorm! 

A few people I like to watch on Youtube are Sarahs Day, Rocamoon, and MadFit. Click the links for some of my favorite Youtube workouts by them!

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If you don’t like those, all you need to do is simply Youtube search “full body workouts” or “ab workout” or whatever you’d like to do that day! There are workouts of all different time lengths and varieties so you can find what’s perfect and fun for you. 

Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try

Yoga Class  

Yoga classes are also a great form of exercise that you can fit into your back to school schedule! They’re usually about an hour long and they’ll benefit you so much throughout the busyness that back to school brings. 

During the school year, I like to go to the late night candlelit yoga classes, especially when I’m super stressed out with studying. It really helps me to take a step back, relax, and get some good exercise in.

If you find it difficult to go to late night classes, you can always go to the early morning classes or whatever time of the day you’d like.

If not you can always Youtube some great yoga routines to follow along with without having to go anywhere or pay anything. One of my favorite Youtube accounts for doing yoga is sjanaelise. Click the link to follow along with one of her fun flows! 

Fun Back To School Workouts You Need To Try


Whether you’re catching a group workout class at your school’s recreation center or cycling at spin, we’ve got you covered with some fun back to school workouts you need to try. Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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