Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

Have you heard about Pure Barre and could you be interested in trying out a class? Pure Barre is an awesome full body, low impact workout that is great for your body and soul. Here’s everything you need to know before trying your first class!

My Pure Barre Background

I started Pure Barre about a year ago and I can honestly say that it’s changed my life. It’s something I look forward to all the time, and it helps me to find peace and confidence in myself throughout the busyness of each day.

It’s a time that I can forget everything else going on, and just invest in my body and my soul. It’s a way that I show myself a little bit of love throughout the week, and my body shows me that love back in the way that I feel and in the way that I look.

Not that looking a certain way is the goal, but it’s so rewarding to gain strength every week and accomplish something challenging. Your body will start to get more toned and you’ll be able to tell the difference in the way you feel each week!

Not only does it help my physical health, but my mental health as well by allowing me to unwind and take that hour of the day to show myself a little extra time and love.

Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

What You Need To Know Before Class

Before you go to class you’ll need a few things. It’s important to have socks with a sticky grip on the bottom so you won’t slip on the carpet throughout the movements of the workout. You can purchase these in the studio before class.

You’ll also need to wear leggings and a comfortable workout top. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle because you’ll want to stay hydrated before, during, and after the class. You can also purchase a water bottle in the studio if you forget!

Come with an open mind and be ready to learn. It’ll take a little while to catch on with the flow of the class, but I promise it’s worth it. The teachers are all so kind and they’re there to help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes, because everyone’s in it together!

Whenever I tried my first Pure Barre class I was nervous and honestly afraid of looking funny or not knowing how to do the movements right. But I just kept remembering that everyone has a first time, and everyone is there for the same reason: to invest time in themselves, to learn, and to get stronger!

This helped me to not be so nervous, and I actually gain confidence from seeing myself grow, learn, and be able to do things that I never thought I could do. Pure Barre is for everyone, so you can do it!

There are three different types of Pure Barre classes that I will give a brief description of below, but it’s recommended that you begin with the Pure Barre Classic or Foundation class before trying the other two.

They’re all challenging, but you can do it! Afterwards, you’ll be so grateful for accomplishing the class and investing this time into your overall well-being.

Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

Pure Barre Classic

Pure Barre Classic is the original Pure Barre class and it’s the foundation that the other two classes come from. This class begins with a warm-up and then goes into arms, legs, booty, and abs with stretches scattered throughout. The class goes for about 50 minutes from start to finish.

If you’re just beginning see if the studio near you has a class called Pure Barre Foundations. This class will be a smaller setting where the teacher can really help you with more one-on-one time. If they aren’t offering the foundation class, don’t worry. My first class was a Pure Barre Classic and the teachers still were able to help me so much!

All of the exercises are challenging, but you can do it and the teachers will be there to guide you through them every step of the way! The movements are all modifiable to make them less challenging when you are just beginning. They also have options for more challenging movements if you’re up for it!

In Pure Barre Classic you’ll be working with a set of light weights, a ball, and a resistance tube as well as you’re own body weight. The workout consists of small, isometric movements that aren’t harmful to your joints.

This is great for me especially because I find it tough to go through really intense, high-impact workouts that take a huge toll on your body. This isn’t to say that barre isn’t intense, because this workout will leave you super sore, but wanting to come back for more!

Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

Pure Barre Empower

Pure Barre Empower is similar to Pure Barre Classic, but it’s 45 minutes and more cardio and strength training based. You will be working with a step-up platform, a pair of strap on ankle/arm weights, and your own body weight. This class is a great complement to the other two classes, and it’s personally one of my favorites!

I would recommend waiting to try this class until you’ve gotten the hang of the Pure Barre Classic flow, but it’s totally up to you and your body. It’s challenging, but also super fun!

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Pure Barre Reform

Pure Barre Reform is another class that Pure Barre offers, and the movements are similar to pilates resistance based training. You will use sliders and resistance bands that are attached to the barre and baseboard underneath the barre. This class also goes for about 50 minutes, and you’ll feel a difference in your body right after!

Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

Pure Barre Terms

There are a few words that the teachers will use during class. They’ll explain it to you before the class starts if it’s your first time! One of these words is “tuck.” It took me a little while to really catch on to what exactly this means, but once you get the hang of it and feel what it’s doing in you’re body, it will come naturally to you.

When the teacher says “tuck,” it means to tuck your hips under. This means to imagine sucking your navel or bellybutton back to your spine while rolling (tucking) your hips slightly underneath you. This will engage your core, protect your back, and make sure that your entire body is working throughout the class!

There’s a few other terms and sayings they’ll use and the teachers will explain it to you with more detail and demonstrations before the class starts. Just let them know it’s your first time, and even if it’s not, they’re there to help you.

What To Do After

Great job, you’ve accomplished a Pure Barre class! Once you’re finished you’ll clean your equipment with wipes they provide and exit the studio.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure about some of the movements, ask your teachers about it! They’ll be happy to stay after class and discuss it with you. If you feel something not quite right in your body, let them know. They can give you stretches to do at home that’ll help with soreness and flexibility. Don’t forget to thank them too!

I’ve found that going about 4 times a week works best for me, and I also keep my body moving on the days I don’t go. When I first started I tried to go every day, but I eventually realized that my body needs time to rest and recover.

I really just listen to my body and go from there. So if you enjoy your first Pure Barre class, then listen to your body and keep going. Pure Barre is an amazing workout that’s changed my life, so go try it for yourself and you won’t regret it.

Click here to get more information and sign up for your first class today!

Everything You Need To Know About Pure Barre

I hope you go into your Pure Barre class with an open mind, ready to learn and challenge your body. Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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