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7 Things Every Girl Going To College In The Midwest Needs

7 Things Every Girl Going To College In The Midwest Needs

Whether you just moved or have lived in the midwest your entire life; these are a few of the essentials to have if you're going to college in the midwest!

For those who live in the midwest or those who courageously came here on their own; this list is for all of you that need some advice from a native midwestern. Here are 7 things every girl going to college in the midwest needs.

 1. Winter Jacket

This one is kind of a no-brainer. But, the key is to get one that doesn’t let the cold air in. I think the long parkas are best. Not only are they more flattering, but they also cover more area, keeping you warmer longer.

2. Snow Boots

I don’t know about you, but walking in snow that goes knee high in tennis shoes sounds atrocious; especially when it gets to that awkward month when it’s neither snow nor rain, but just a mushy slush. There are many great brands out there, but my personal favorite is Sorel.


3. Touch Gloves

Gloves are obviously a necessity, but touch gloves allow you to keep your gloves on while also being able to use your phone. There’s nothing worse than pulling off your glove in below zero temperatures to text your friend back.

4. Rain Jacket

The weather changes quickly and you never know when a storm could pour down. It’s always best to be prepared for anything. Umbrellas break often and you lose a hand by holding it. Invest in a nice rain jacket and make sure it’s water proof!

5. Rain Boots (Optional)

If you are going to be spending long amounts of time walking in the rain it would be best to have rain boots or waterproof boots.

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6. Warm Hat

40%-45% of heat is lost through your head, making it a vital piece of clothing to always wear in the winter. Plus it’s a fun accessory that you can use to show off your school spirit, or just to add a little something extra to your outfit.

7. Oversized Sweatshirt

Comfy, cute, and soft: the trifecta! Oversized sweatshirts are a great way to stay warm and be comfortable at the same time. Perfect for that 8am class!


These are 7 things every girl going to college in the Midwest needs! Comment down below what your must-have essential is!
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