15 Photos That’ll Make You Wish You Were Starting At UW Madison Now

Believe it or not, there’s only about a month of summer left. Yeah, I know. Not exactly what anyone wants to hear. But hey, with a place like UW Madison to look forward to, there’s no reason to fret. Here’s 15 photos to get you out of the mid-summer blues, and anxious to start packing your bags.

1. The Terrace At Memorial Union

There’s no better way to take in the beautiful lakeside views than seated in the iconic teal, orange, and yellow chairs.

2. The Historical Society Library

This place is a hidden gem on the Madison campus and is also known as the “Harry Potter” library! This beautiful space will make you feel like you have your life together, even when you’re struggling to adjust back into the studious life.

3. Friday Night Lights

There’s nothing to reignite your Badger spirit more than a game cheering on our incredible sports teams! Thinking about tailgating to Jump Around, September 1st couldn’t come soon enough.

4. Relaxing On Bascom Hill

Before the temperatures drop too low, you can always soak up the last days of summer on the grass of Bascom Hill. Not to mention, there’s the annual snowball fight to look forward to!

5. Sporting Your Best Badger Gear

Overalls ready? Got that red lipstick? As much red and white as possible? Check, check, and check.

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6. Strolling Down State Street

It’s never a dull day on State Street! Plus, Badgers always know how to party when Halloween rolls around.

7. Babcock Ice Cream? YES PLEASE.

Let’s be real: every day is a perfect day for ice cream, especially at UW Madison.

8. Campus Farmer’s Market

Speaking of food, autumn brings in the best of food at the Farmer’s Market on State Street.

9. Jogging Along The Lakeshore

If it looks beautiful now, just wait until the leaves change.

10. Ian’s Pizza

Just one of the many incredible food options on State Street; I mean, c’mon, Mac & Cheese on a pizza? Genius.

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11. Library Mall

The fountain is up and running again and the beautiful renovated Library Mall is just waiting to be explored.

12. Lake Mendota Sunsets

Nothing beats a sunset on the lake. And really, how can you not be excited for school when you have nights like this to look forward to?

13. Nature Across Campus

From Lakeshore to South East, there’s plenty of Insta-worthy sights to complete your aesthetic.

14. Cheering On The Badgers

Whatever season it is, we can count on our Badgers to always deliver.

15. On Wisconsin!

Remember, it’s always a great day to be a Badger.

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These are 15 photos that’ll make you wish you were starting at UW Madison now. Who’s ready for move in? Let me know what you thought of my article in the comments down below!
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