10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You'll Want To Copy Them

Making typical Easter baskets for the holiday has become a thing of the past. take a from the usual bunny eggs and chocolate. People want fresh ideas for Easter baskets this year and I am here to give you all a few new ideas for the holiday.

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

Bath and Body Easter Basket

This is one handy basket that anyone would love to get their hands on. This Easter basket would have all kinds of shower gels, lotions, sprays and shower utensils you can possibly ask for. Everyone can appreciate a good bath and body basket because not only does it save them money from buying more bathroom necessities, everything in the basket is very useful to the person that gets it.

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

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Movie Night Easter Basket

Okay, so be careful not to pack just your favorite movies in there. Research what movies are the most popular and pair them with a couple boxes of popcorn and candies and boom! You got yourself a movie basket. This is sure to be surprising and fun. At your own discretion, you can also put little movie trinkets inside to dress it up a bit.

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

An Essential Easter Basket

For this basket comes the idea of essentials that we need throughout time. Such as cozy socks, a robe, slippers, pajamas, Q-tips, underwear (you can make a woman’s or a men’s basket) etc.  I personally would love this basket. I used to hate getting socks and pj’s for Christmas now I am ever so grateful.

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

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Book Easter Basket

Gather a handful of New York Times bestsellers, old or new, along with maybe a bottle of wine, bookmarks, a mug, some instant coffee, and presto! A best-sellers basket!

Baby Easter Basket

Baby essentials could be expensive. Making a Baby for all Easter basket could really be a blessing to someone who may need it. You can insert baby wipes, pampers, baby powder, pacifiers and whatever else more!

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All Chocolates Easter Basket

Everyone loves chocolate and you can’t go wrong with that. It will cure any sweet tooth with every chocolate candy bar in the book.

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

Hair Supply Easter Basket

I know as a woman, I am always losing bobby pins, hair ties, and headbands. A good idea for an Easter basket will be to put hair supplies into one basket. Gather things one will need that would always go missing or always seem to break; like combs and barrettes.

10 Easter Baskets So Cute You’ll Want To Copy Them

Essential Candle Easter Basket

Packing a basket with all sorts of assorted candles is a great gift for Easter. One thing I do know is that you can never have too many candles for your home.

Late Night Munchie Easter Basket

Pack an Easter basket full of sweets and potato chips for the perfect late night snack basket. Not only is it a relief to have, but it will come in handy when your kid needs a quick snack to munch on before they go to bed. It can be a healthy snack basket with low calories protein bars and other low-calorie food of your choosing.

Your best Work Out Easter Basket

This Easter basket can be for your friends that love the gym. Not only can you put the obvious yoga mat inside, but you can also add protein powder, a jump rope, work out DVD, you name it! The Work out basket will be great for that friend that’s trying to get in shape.

Now you can spice up your typical Easter baskets with cool new things that people could really use and love. What are your thoughts about Easter baskets this year? Comment down below to help others with your new ideas. Until next time, see you soon.

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