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15 Things You Need To Do In April

15 Things You Need To Do In April

April is almost here! That means it's time for flowers, patriotism, spring showers, and holiday fun! Here is a list of things you need to do in April.

Great news, April is almost here and you are using this week to add some spark to the upcoming month! Consider this your ultimate prepping and planning stage. Make the most of the next thirty days and be sure to include flowers, patriotism, and mini-celebrations for holidays you may or may not have heard of.  Here are fifteen refreshing ideas you need to do in April wherever you choose to celebrate!

1. Prank someone close to you on the first day of April.

Nothing is better than starting off a brand new month of school with some serious laughter!  Who knows, maybe you’ll make someone’s day by spreading your unique sense of humor.


2. Participate in a short run or outdoor event to raise money for a great cause.

Wake up early and join a fitness group in the park on the weekends and after class.  Become a member of a customized fitness program.  Go biking with friends for a great cause.  Or, start an online fundraiser using tools such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter instead.  Springtime here in Texas is a great time to get in shape since our summers are very hot.  Be sure to bring plenty of water bottles and make time to go fitness clothing shopping!  You must stay super hydrated!


3. Go sunglasses shopping with a zero-shade pal.

Bring your student ID and research printable coupons, of course. Shop online and bring a few friends over to try them once the shipments come in. Have them hang in your apartment prior to feasting and fun-ing away!

4. Gather items for a classy tea party indoors or outdoors.

Have a delightful and filling brunch with your best folks filled with recipes and eggs.


5. Celebrate the ability to walk with style this spring.

National Walk to Work Day: This is the first day of April. Yes, you can celebrate after you’ve pranked someone. It’ll be great exercise and a great way to bond with mother nature. Make safety and hydration your top priorities.



6. Light your days blue and spread awareness.

World Autism Awareness Day: This is the second of the month. Get out there and make a difference!


7. Check out a book, read it, and hug your librarians for National Librarian Week (9-15).

National Library Workers Day: On the Sunday after National Library Week, make sure to visit your campus library and learn to utilize the resources made available to you as a student. There are so many wonderful electronic resources and databases, you’ll have loads of fun here and make sure to chit chat and get to know a fellow librarian!

8. Prepare and get your taxes done now.

The deadline for taxes are usually the 15th depending on your situation. For extra convenience, arrange plans to visit a free tax preparation service in your area by contacting your campus for more information if you can to save money and time. (ex.

9. Celebrate Easter weekend.

Easter is on the 16th and there are a few more important Easter-related holidays lie in Mid-April. Attend masses at church and make plans with a friend you don’t get to see often due to school and invite them over for lunch and dinner… and then go out for dessert!


10. Salute a veteran colleague on Patriot’s Day.

 Try to watch the Patriot’s Day movie and put the flag out on the 17th, too.


11. Gear up for recycling and make a pledge to be more eco-friendly this Earth Day.

Are you shopping for newer electronics or saving for a car? Consider going hybrid. To take your personal pledge on the 22nd, get involved here!

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12. Thank your fellow colleagues and teachers on Administrative Professionals Week (23-29).

Check out the following ideas on Pinterest to share with your cubicle of cool kids and much more! Send letters of your appreciation to your teachers for leadership and guidance. Nominate a faculty, student, or staff member of your institution for any upcoming school-wide awards prior to graduation preparation.



13. Take your daughter to work day

Just make sure you have your work space and manager’s best interests in mind. How fun this would be for parents to show their little loved ones!


14. Arbor Day

On the 28th, go outdoors, have fun in the parks, take some time to yourself to recollect your inner energy and even complete your daily yoga routine under a well-shaded tree. Take pictures with your friends if you all decide to have a fun-filled outing or picnic with the family. Plant a tree or some flowers. You can also make plans to visit an upcoming festival as a group here.

 15. Bake on a budget with your BFFs.

Bookstore coffee, snacks, and chocolates are not the only thing that is going to give us that extra kick of energy throughout the day. They are not also as healthy as freshly prepped food. That’s why in stressful times, we ought to make desserts! The key here is to support a pal’s fitness journey including your own. Keep the recipes healthy and simple and you’ll beat the kitchen buzzer quicker than you expected. Add dried fruits such as raisins, use low-fat alternatives, add natural brown sugar and sugars such as Truvia Nectar. Get creative and pull out your kitchen apron!  From cookies to crafting a cake, make sure there’s extra after your grubbing session for further take (to lunch and work)!


I hope you found these fifteen ideas of things to do in April very simple and indulging. Have a grand time ringing in the fourth month of the year!

What are other things you need to do in April? Comment below!
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