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Dating Apps, Rated

Dating Apps, Rated

Dating Apps, Rated

Dating is just downright rough sometimes. You want to meet new people, but that takes a lot of energy you could be spending on something else, like Netflix. Or work, whatever floats your boat. 

But either way, dating apps are probably the easiest way to go nowadays, and basically, everyone uses them at some point, especially when there’s so many out there. So to help your search here are the popular dating apps on the market right now, rated.

Bumble: 4.5/5

Bumble is probably one of the best dating apps out there for women, especially because it’s all up to us: we get to choose who messages us because we have to message first (so that gives us more time to decide) but it also does the same for men for equality purposes. Plus, if an image is sent, it’s blurred out so we’re not affronted by certain… things.

The app also has other features, like Bumble BFF where you can look for friends in your city! And the app works similar to Tinder, so it’s easy to navigate! The only problem I have personally with Bumble is that you don’t get much time to do things, and you have to pay in order to get more time.

Dating Apps, Rated

HAPPN: 1/5

The idea for this app is really interesting and definitely caught my attention before I read anything about it or downloaded it. This app works by taking your location and giving you potential matches that you may have seen in real life, so if you have a crush on a rando at the Starbucks downtown, you can talk to them. Interesting idea, but also definitely a way to open yourself up for strangers to see your last location, which can be problematic. A lot of features in this app are also behind a paywall, which sucks when you’re just trying to use it.

HER: 4/5

HER! HER is one of my personal favorites, but that’s mostly because it’s less of a dating app and more of an LGBTQ+ community app that you can use for dating. The settings allow you to set your relationship and look just for friends in the community, which is really awesome for new LGBTQ+ people to the city. There’s also a news and entertainment section of the app, which curates content for the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, the app’s all-inclusive and you have the choice to put all of your identity on the app. The only downside? The messaging part of the app is a little glitchy from time to time, which can be really annoying. Take what you will.

Dating Apps, Rated

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Hinge: 4/5

We’ve probably all seen ads for Hinge. It’s the app that’s “designed to be deleted” because they want you to find that special someone. Which is great and all, truly, and the app does work in a more old school dating website type manner where it sends you your most compatible people according to your profile, which you can choose whether or not to “like”. The major problem with this app is that you only get 10 likes and matches a day if you’re a free member, which definitely limits you and can be frustrating when you come upon a person you actually like and can’t match with them.

Tinder: 2/5

I’m sure we all go way back with Tinder. It was the first popular dating app, and probably still the best known (but also the most made fun of). Tinder is pretty easy to use and navigate, and you can sync your profile with Facebook to make the filling out information part easier. The one problem I have with Tinder is that a lot of the time, it’s used by people who think they’re entitled to a hookup, which is objectifying at best and insulting at worst. Also, if you’re a bisexual woman, you’re bound to be asked for a threesome which is just disappointing.

Dating Apps, Rated

Match: 3/5

Ah, the grandpa of dating sites, turned into an app. This app works basically the same as the website, so if you’ve ever seen a movie where a parent gets their kid to make them a dating profile, then you kind of already know how it works. You send people you like a “wink” and they’ll send one back if interested, where the relationship can go on from there via messaging. It’s straight forward but I personally felt weird even downloading it cause I don’t like getting hit on anyone past thirty. 

What do you think about these dating apps? Have you used any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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