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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Loyola University Chicago

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Loyola University Chicago


Going to school at Loyola is awesome because you get to take advantage of all the cool things the city of Chicago has to offer! There are so many fun places to take your date (or bestie if you’re super single like me). You can stick around campus or hop on the Red Line and take the train straight downtown for a ton of great activities. So without further ado, here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas┬ánear Loyola University Chicago that you should definitely try!

1. Clarke’s

This is a great place to take your date if you’re looking to stay on campus. Located right on Sheridan road, Clarke’s is a popular diner that’s actually open until 3 a.m.! I suggest getting some cheese fries or bacon mac n’ cheese, it’s heavenly.


2. Ice Skating

Try taking your date ice skating at Maggie Daley Park. Situated in lazy river type fashion- this ice skating rink is made for countless hours of fun. Plus, there’s the added bonus of the city in the background- who wouldn’t want that? It’s perfect for snapping some cute pics for the gram.

3. The Bean

The Bean is one of the hallmark features of Chicago. Take your date for a walk around Millennium Park and end at The Bean. It’s a great place for picture taking and offers an incredible view (and super romantic) of the city.


4. Lickity Split

Lickity Split is an awesome place to take that special someone for ice cream. It’s right on Sheridan Rd. and located less than half a mile away from campus. Let me tell you, they have the most bomb eggnog ice cream. And the design of the parlor is so adorable, I’m sure anyone you take with you will love it!


5. The Sky Deck

This is one of the ultimate Chicago destinations. Located on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower, this is not meant for those who are afraid of heights. But if your date is all for heights and awesome views of the city, take them here! Tickets are only $22 which isn’t too steep of a price for a priceless time on top of the city.



6. Bar Siena

Bar Siena is probably my favorite restaurant in Chicago. The Christmas light-covered tree in the center of the restaurant is so mesmerizing and super romantic. The food is absolutely incredible and wait for it… they even have their own separate desert enterprise attached to Bar Siena called BomboBar. So after you stuff your face at dinner, you can stuff it even more with bombolinis (they’re basically donuts but way more amazing) or one of their world famous hot chocolates.

7. Shedd Aquarium

Because who doesn’t love cool sea creatures?


8. Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a great place to take that art lover in your life. They always have mind blowing pieces and exhibits.


9. Chicago Bulls Game

If your date (or friend) is a Bulls fan, take them to a game. There are plenty of places at Loyola that you can buy Bulls tickets from for as low as $10. For example my residence hall, Mertz is always selling them so if you live in Mertz, pay attention to the flyers by the elevator!! Bulls games are so fun and it’s an awesome place to take that special someone.

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10. Navy Pier

Aren’t ferris wheels the epitome of romantic encounters?



11. Nori Sushi

This is another great restaurant located on campus that you can take your date to! They offer amazing sushi that isn’t going to completely drain your wallet.

12. Ann Sather

Does your bf/gf/ best friend love breakfast/brunch food? Look no further. Ann Sather is an awesome place to take them and it’s right on Sheridan Rd! I suggest trying the cinnamon rolls, you will die and go straight to heaven.


13. The Signature Lounge (John Hancock Building)

Okay this is the ONLY one that might be a little pricey but not if you don’t want it to be (I will explain in a second). If you don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for dinner at The Signature Room at the 95th, try the Signature Lounge. Here you can buy appetizers and drinks and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the 96th floor of the John Hancock building. But if you do really want to spoil that special someone or just have a super nice GNO I recommend going to The Signature Room. I took my roommate here for her birthday and it was so amazing. Try the salmon!

14. Sprinkle’s Cupcakes

After a walk along the Magnificent Mile, hit up Sprinkles for some bomb cupcakes. You can try the cupcake ATM or enjoy a nice time sitting down inside the actual bakery. The ATM is my favorite personally because who doesn’t want to press a bunch of buttons and watch your cupcake come out of a magical little slot?

15. Lincoln Park Zoo

This is pretty self explanatory. The Lincoln Park Zoo is COMPLETELY FREE and they have some really cool animals. GO HERE! Now is an especially great time to go because it’s Christmas themed and all of the beautiful lights make it so romantic.


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