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5 Color Schemes to Try in Your Bedroom

5 Color Schemes to Try in Your Bedroom

Bedroom decorating can be both fun and nerve-wracking due to the details that goes into the task. I know for us Queens we tend to like lots of ummphh in our decorating. Color is the most important aspect to decorating your bedroom. Certain colors bring certain moods to your bedroom and so picking out a specific type can be tricky. Our bedrooms is the most important room in the house because its where you find your peace of mind.

I tend to notice with certain colors I’ve used in my decorating, it brings certain moods and energies. However, if you are not big on those things colors are still an important factor to the look of your bedroom. I’ve put together a list of color schemes that can help you get started on your bedroom decorating! 


This color goes first on the list for me because it is my all time favorite color to use in decorating a space. Blue has a calming effect that really helps soothe a space and the people who occupy it. This is a great color for a bedroom because its relaxing nature can help you go to sleep easier and remain in a peaceful state if mind.


Blues also are just very classic, especially a royal or a sky blue. They have always been associated in fashion and makes a splash every so often as the color of the season. The biggest benefit of having a blue room is other colors bounce well off of it. Other colors like white, cream, green, yellow, orange and the list goes on pairs well with this color. Get your Blues on to keep your spirit calm! 


White for a bedroom is risky but really chic. This color is timeless and who grows tired of the color white? The look of a white space gives an airy and crisp look. The big concern with using this color is the amount of dirt it attracts and how easily it appears. You will have to stay on top of dusting and making sure you keep your fabrics clean but the look and benefit of the color is worth it.


I can imagine an all white room with hints of colors here and there. Thats the best part as well, if you want to make your room look different without spending too much add a few color pieces. This will give you a little more dimension and you can experiment with any color. This color is also great for a minimalistic feel which is trendy these days. White is a great choice for those of us who likes an angelic vibe!

Creams & Nudes

I love me some creams and nude tones! These tones are so universal and they also pair good with other colors. Lately, the pairing of nude and neon has been a winning combo. When it comes to the bedroom, these colors are subtle and easy to decorate around. Usually using these tones in a bedroom would be nice with other earth tone colors like olive green, dark brown and beige. Its also a funny idea to experiment with rusty metals and antiques to go along with the aesthetic.


Creams and nudes has made a wave in the fashion industry, being the base color for tons of famous wardrobe. Why not give your bedroom the same V.I.P treatment. These tones are also soothing and make for a more sophisticated look. Its something about these tones that gives off grown woman vibes! 


Need a burst of color in your life? Add some yellow to your bedroom! This color is vivacious, appealing and overall a great color scheme to add to your bedroom. Yellow has an energy boosting feel when added to a living space. It is like that one friend who has an outgoing personality which energizes anyone. If you are a little more timid its better to try it out in pieces.

Adding a yellow accessory here and there may help you determine if you want to keep it simple or take it full fledge. Some nice wall art with yellow hues or yellow shelving and racks can be a nice touch to a simplistic bedroom. Allow some yellow to add some spice in your life!

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This color for the bedroom is not for the faint of heart. This color combines chic and contemporary all into one room. I have not seen much bedrooms with black walls but the ones I have seen are pretty nice. The addition of black accessories to a neutral color bedroom always amps it up to a modern vibe. Black also can be a color of the minimalist aesthetic and just adding a few shelves and wall pieces can make a room complete.


If you are into the sleek, you play no games vibe, black is the way to go. As an adult this color matches the maturity and sophistication we hope to portray! Why not give that vibe off in your bedroom by opting for black accessories, black bedding, black wall art and if you’re bold enough black walls. Amp up your vibe with some black!

Bedroom decor is fun to mix and match, using different colors. The bedroom is a sacred place and we design it to the aesthetic that matches us. Picking out the right colors isn’t always an easy task, knowing there are millions of colors to choose from. These colors listed are all colors that can be mixed and matched well with others so you won’t feel pressured.

Keeping it modern and playful is always a good choice when thinking about color schemes. Knowing the ratio of colors to match the one you’ve selected is also an important tool in decision making. I like to play around with my bedroom decor every so often to get a feeling of something new. This can be quite expensive if you choose colors that aren’t versatile. So to save you extra time and coins in your bag try out these color schemes and see how it goes! 


What are your favorite color schemes? Which color are you going to try? Are you more neutral or vibrant? Let us know in the comments.