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15 Essential Things From Amazon Every Woman’s Bathroom Needs

15 Essential Things From Amazon Every Woman’s Bathroom Needs

Lets be real, plastic shower curtains and mom's old towels aren't cutting it anymore. These are the essential things from amazon you need for your bathroom!

Congrats! You’re a grown ass woman now, and with great power comes great responsibility. Namely, the responsibility to upgrade your bathroom. I mean, let’s be real here – plastic shower curtains and your mom’s old towels aren’t going to cut it anymore. To take you into the real world of adulthood, here’s a round up of the 15 things from amazon that you need in order to turn your bathroom from nah to spa.

1. A Super Cute Shower Curtain

Super cute, and also made of mildew and mold-resistant material.


2. A Very Handy Hair Catcher

No more worrying about your hair clogging up the drain.

3.  A Drain Snake For Those Pesky Clogged Sinks

In the event that some hair does make it down the drain, reach for this drain snake.


4. Hand Towels In Every Shade of The Rainbow

Pick a hue that matches your bathroom decor.


5. A Lovely Magazine Rack

The bathroom is where most of us get our best reading in.

6. A Unique Toothbrush Holder

You’re done with throwing your toothbrush into any old drawer.


7. A Stylin’ Style Station

With enough room for your blowdryer, straightener, curling iron, curling wand…


8. A Rather Graphic Bath Mat 

“Get Naked” or “Hello Gorgeous”? Decisions, decisions.

9. Relaxing Wall Art

It’s like your own mini spa.


10. A Fancy Toilet Paper Holder

Oh you fancy, huh?


11. A Necessary Plunger

Accidents and clogs will happen, and you will be equipped to deal with them.

12. A Pretty Plunger Cover

Hey, your plunger deserves some love too.

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13. Hand Soaps In Unique Scents

No, shampoo isn’t an acceptable substitute for hand soap.


14. An Attractive Trash Can

Even trash can be cute.


15. Pleasant Air Freshener

You know why.


These are 15 things from Amazon that every grown ass woman needs for her bathroom! Share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below!
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15 Essential Bathroom Things from Amazon that Every Woman Needs