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10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized

10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized

10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized

With essays, extracurriculars, and exams, it’s no wonder why everything always feels out of control! It’s so easy to forget about deadlines that are weeks away until your friend asks you if you did the assignment yet, but by then it’s probably the night before they’re due. If you’ve ever been in that situation and wondered if there was anything that could’ve prevented it, we’re here to let you in on a little secret. There’s nothing that says you have your shit together like having a college student planner. Here’s a list of 10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized!


Ban.Do is known for designing planners that are so cute that you’ll actually want to fill it out! They start from August and end in December of the next year. They include two pages of stickers, themed artwork for every month, and compliments scattered throughout the pages. You’ll actually have fun scheduling your appointments and due dates in these college student planners!

10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized

Kate Spade

You know Kate Spade as an American fashion designer, known for her iconic handbags. What you probably didn’t know is that she designs beautiful college student planners too! These planners include a laminated divider to help you get extra organized. Who knew being prepared could be so stylish?

The Original Student Planner

Its function is in its title. The Original Student Planner was designed with the busy student lifestyle in mind. They include term timetables and pages where you can track your test results and class goals. These are the ultimate college student planners.

Pierre Belvedere

Pierre Belvedere designs minimalistic and beautiful college student planners. Belvedere planners are the perfect college student planners because they let you schedule your day down to the hour. This is great if you’re someone who needs to plan out their day and visualize what you’ll be doing at each hour. They also have designated tear spots in the corner to keep track of what page you’re on.

10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized

Erin Condren

If you’re someone who’s obsessed with agendas and planners, you probably had one from Erin Condren back in middle and high school. All of their designs are bold and playful, making these the perfect college student planners if you want something that’s as creative as you are. They even come with assignment-specific stickers to help make scheduling fun again!


If you’re looking for something that’s no BS, functional, and simple, then Molskine has the perfect college student planners for you. This versatile planner also doubles as a notebook.


Shinola’s college student planners are on the pricier side but definitely worth the investment. Their planners are made with a linen hardcover and Smyth sewn binding which helps to improve its durability and will last for a long time. Their planners include historical facts and moon phases. What makes their planners special is that you have the option to get them monogrammed, making them the perfect gift for a student in your life or even yourself!

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10 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized


You wouldn’t expect this clothing chain to carry college student planners but they do, and they’re surprisingly functional! Their planners include sections for daily scheduling, deadlines, tasks, meal planning, and water intake. This is a great planner if you’re looking for something to keep all aspects of your day organized.

The Productivity Planner

These are the best college student planners if you’re guilty of procrastinating (don’t worry, you’re not alone). This planner includes weekly breakdowns where you can record the most important tasks of the weeks, the most important tasks of the day, and the secondary tasks that you should be thinking about. It also includes weekly review questions where you can reflect on the successes and challenges of the past week. This is the planner will act as a personal assistant, which you’ll be thanking during exam season.

The 365 Planner

Kikki.K is known for designing beautiful and aesthetically pleasing college student planners. We love the 365 Planner because it’s simple and perfect for recording your day or for writing notes to yourself. This planner is whatever you want it to be. It’s also filled with mindfulness tips and hand-drawn illustrations.

0 College Student Planners That Will Keep Anyone Organized

Do you use a college student planner? How do you stay organized throughout the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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