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20 Cute Student Planners That’ll Keep You Organized AF

20 Cute Student Planners That’ll Keep You Organized AF

The easiest way to keep yourself together as a student is to plan. Here are 20 super cute student planners that'll keep you organized AF!

The easiest way to keep your life organized is by having a student planner. There are so many different options to choose from, but it’s all about your preference. Whether you’re looking for time slots, daily schedules, or a cute inspirational planner, this list definitely has one for you! Here are 20 cute student planners that’ll keep you organized AF.

1. The realest planner you’ll ever see

Coffee above everything all day, everyday. This planner comes with colorful pages, inspirational quotes, AND stickers.


2. Good vibes only

If you need help with keeping track of your schedule, professors, passwords, etc, this planner will definitely help! There are different sections mapped out to make sure you keep everything in order.

3. You got this

This planner has a time-by-time slot for your entire schedule. This will make it so much easier to plan out times to study, grab lunch, or hit that zumba class you’ve been meaning to try.


4. Tropical leaves

Set your goals for the month with this really cute tropical planner!

5. She designed a life she loved

Design the life you love with this daily planner!


6. I am very busy

This planner is perfect for the busy lady on the go. Plus, planners always come full of stickers and inspirational quotes. Who doesn’t love some cute planner stickers!?

7. Personalized marble 

Personalized planners are always better than regular ones.


8. Floral personalized

If you’re big on florals, this planner is one you’ll definitely love.



9. A planner for the doodlers

Each month has a cute little section where you can color in the picture. Perfect for anyone who tends to doodle during lectures.


10. When you just can’t

We all get to that point in the school year/semester where you just really can’t even anymore.

11. If you like pina coladas

Pineapples are always a cute option when it comes to designs for planners.


12. Cute little cacti

The cactus trend has become more and more popular and there’s just something so cute about them. This is a pretty basic planner, but if you’re looking for a cute cover, it’s worth it.



13. Hello gorgeous!

This planner features a lot of bright colors, tabs, and inspirational pictures in between the months. Definitely a must if you’re into bright colors!

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14. Let me pencil you in

If you’re someone who always has something going on, this planner is definitely one for you!

15. A little glam

Sometimes a little glam can make everything better.


16. Simple and chic

Whether you’re going for black marble, white marble, or tan marble, these planners are simple, but super cute.


17. Everyone loves a little Lilly

18. If black is your favorite

Add a little gold to your plain black planner and voila! You’ll be planning in style.



Everything is impossible until you finally do it. So, get this planner, get some motivation, and make those dreams reality girl!

20. Make things happen

This planner has so many different sections where you can map out your goals. Perfect way to put everything into perspective!


What’s your favorite student planner!? Share in the comments below!

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