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8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

These cleaning hacks will make cleaning your apartment so much easier. We've got all the tips and tricks you'll need to get your place sparkling!

Cleaning is something we all must do, must a lot of us just don’t want to do it. You clean your apartment and everything looks nice, but then it just gets dirty again. Let’s be honest, it’s just a vicious cycle. Even so, cleaning must be done. We’ve compiled a list of eight cleaning hacks for your apartment to help you out a bit when you finally realize your apartment just isn’t going to clean itself.

1. Clean and polish your stainless steel sink with household items

The Centsable Momma website has a great cleaning hack for your apartment’s stainless steel sink. You can use an old toothbrush and some baking soda to scrub it clean. Let’s be real, dirty sinks are not appealing and having a nice and clean one will make you kitchen look so much better.

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

2. Clean your dirty window tracks with a toothbrush

Window tracks get dirty no matter where you live. Dirt from outside just gets stuck and trapped there no matter what you do. An easy way to scrub the grime is to use a toothbrush with some baking soda and white vinegar. The 101 Days of Organization blog has the hack for  you to try.

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

3. Clean your blinds with tongs and dust cloths

The website One Crazy House has a great cleaning hack for your apartment: how to clean those pesky blinds! Blinds easily attract dust, but they are a pain to clean. This hack makes it super easy to clean them, so be sure to try it out!

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

4. Clean your walls with a pad mop and a multipurpose cleaner

Cleaning your walls sounds like such a freaking chore because who wants to get up on a latter and scrub all day? No one. This hack teaches you how to clean your walls with a pad mop and a multipurpose cleaner. It already sounds so much easier, right? Well, it is! So be sure to try this out the next time your walls need a good cleaning. Head on over to for this trick.

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

5. Use a glass cleaner with rain repellent for spotless windows

Cleaning windows sucks because it feels like once you clean them, they just get dirty again in a short amount of time. Especially in climates where it rains a lot, it may seem pointless to clean them at all. The website has recommended using a 2-in-1 glass cleaner that contains a rain repellent that will leave your windows spotless for months at a time. Be sure to check out this great hack for cleaning your apartment.

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

6. Clean your patio furniture with white vinegar

Reader’s Digest has found a solution to help clean your patio furniture in an efficient way. They have tricks for all different kinds of patio furniture, so whether yours is made of plastic or mesh, they’ve got a cleaning hack for you.

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8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

7. Clean your tub with dish soap and a broom

It’s always a tough job cleaning out a bathtub. It’s hard as heck to get down and scrub the tub while trying not to break your back, am I right? One Good Thing has a cleaning hack that won’t break your back at all. All you need is some strong dish soap and a broom.

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

8. Use household products to clean your stove top

Getting caked on food from meals you made weeks ago off your stove top can be quite the daunting task. Never fear, because Cafe Mom is here to help with a great cleaning hack for your apartment. They give five different ways to clean your stovetop with products you probably already have in the house. This is one of the best cleaning hacks for you!

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Apartment

Did you try out one of these cleaning hacks for your apartment? What cleaning hacks do you have? Let us know in the comments!
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