20 Tricks For Decorating A Rental

Do you need help decorating a rental? Temporary decor is tricky, but definitely a must when renting. I know I always want to make my space as luxurious and peaceful as possible. It should be an oasis, a tranquil spot that makes your apartment your home, and not just four walls with a bed frame, uncomfortable mattress, with a kitchen and bathroom from the late 80s. Because you don’t own a rental -hence why it’s called a rental- makeshift decor is crucial to adorning your space.

1. Make your bedroom a sanctuary!

A neutral but elegant comforter and some cozy pillows immediately create a lush bedroom that you’ll never want to leave.

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2. A Cozy Canopy

I can personally vouch for this idea. I recently DIY’d a canopy with a small lightweight hoop and an inexpensive sheer curtain from Target, where I cut the hoop in one place, ran the curtain around it, and hung it on a command hook from the ceiling. It instantly softens the room, and doesn’t damage the ceilings! Billowing chiffon on the ceiling also works beautifully!

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3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Using wooden crates, you can totally build and stack them into disposable shelving units that you can get rid of when you move out! Its cheap and looks shabby chic with some lace and little plants, or even utilize them as shoe storage!


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4. Succulents and bonsai!

Yes, the trend is real. But they are the perfect addition to a living space, especially because they don’t need to be watered all the time (and cause they look adorable)!

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5. Embrace the shag.

A shag rug instantly adds a plush and warm aura to your living space or bedroom.

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6. Furnishings are key.

To have a multi-use piece of furniture in a rental is important. A sofa that also converts into a bed is ideal for guests and friends to sleep on, all the while being a functional couch in your living area.

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7. Closet Space!

Apartments usually don’t have much closet space. This is something I’ve been into since having my own place. A couple of simple metal clothing racks put next to one another, and color coordinated gives your bedroom, or office space a cute and easy way to see all your clothing as you get ready!

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8. Privacy Please!

If there are any open closets with no door, or simply want a super cute way to create a touch more of privacy, you can buy or DIY a macrame curtain.

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9. Ultimate Storage

Drawer sets can take up a ton space and they’re heavy, and can’t be moved around. A rolling storage cart can be taken all over the apartment and can also be utilized in so many ways! Use it for your makeup, non perishable food, bathroom storage, school supplies, etc!

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10. Grimy bathroom tile? No thank you!

More than usual there’s always old, grimy discolored white tile in old rentals. An easy way to get rid of that is vinyl flooring. It goes down like a carpet over the original floor and makes an old bathroom brand new and clean. And when you move out, all you have to do is place it in the trash/recycling.

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11. Mini Mudroom

Instead of having a bunch of dirty shoes piling up by the front door, create a small river rock floor mat to make a rustic chic home for those booties this winter.

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12. Whimsical Walls

In your living space, hang up a scenic tapestry with Command velcro strips to refresh and bring nature inside! As a bonus, it takes up a bunch of blank wall space.

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13. Don’t like neon? Now you totally will!

Place a neon sign anywhere to give oomf to your small space.

To be continued…. Our beloved neon light by @sygns_official 💗

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14. Blanket Ladders

Need to store all those throws? Get a small wooden ladder or make one yourself, fold those fuzzy throws, snake them through the rails, and voila! An adorable and aesthetically pleasing storage idea.

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15. Drab Bathroom Begone!

An awesome shower curtain will transform your bathroom! A small but simple touch that is guaranteed to make your bathroom cute and cozy.

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16. Mirror Mirror not on the wall.

Instead of having a tacky over the door/wall mirror, take another wooden crate and place the mirror on top. Put some plants around and you have an awesome primping area!

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17. Fairy Lights

How could I NOT mention fairy lights?

Apartment goals

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18. Tea lit coffee table.

Place tea lights in mason jars to add warmth and whatever scent you may please. Wrap a ribbon around the top of the jar to give it a shabby chic look.

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19. Chair(ity) for your rental.

A way to vamp up your space is through a chic butterfly chair. Its foldable and easy to move. Add a decorative pillow or furry throw to amp up the vamp.

This gold table does double duty! Side table & plant stand in one.

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20. Foodie cart!

A small island for a small kitchen implements unused space and gives additional counter space along with an aesthetically pleasing storage cart.

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20 Tricks for Decorating a Rental

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