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Here’s How To Make Pizza Without An Oven When You’re Craving It

Here’s How To Make Pizza Without An Oven When You’re Craving It

Knowing how to make pizza is important when you're craving it. However, you don't need an oven for every recipe! We've made a list of some!

Pizza is the ultimate junk food meal. It is an iconic part of college cuisine. If you live in a dorm room at any point in your academic career, you will see at least one pizza delivery there. But sometimes, you just want to make something some food yourself. It’s easier, more satisfying and in some cases, cheaper. Even if you don’t have an oven, you can still get a slice of pizza in your mouth whenever you’re craving it. Here’s how to make pizza without an oven!

1. Change up the crust.

Obviously, microwaving raw pizza dough is a hard thing to do. However, there are plenty of replacements available that you can apply toppings to and create an easy pizza. Some recipes use tortillas, toast, pitas or English muffins but feel free to go wild. Any carb could be a substitute if you’re creative when you make pizza.

2. Go the bagel route.

Pizza bagels are a classic snack and making them could not be more fun. All it takes is some pre-packaged bagels, some of your favorite toppings, some time in the microwave and that’s it! Eat up and enjoy!

Here's How To Make Pizza Without An Oven When You're Craving It


3. Go the grilled route.

Grill is one of the more interesting ways to cook a pizza. And unlike with a microwave, you can use raw pizza dough, pre-made or homemade. One of the things you’re commonly told to do in these is to place the dough on the grill first, let it cook, then flip it over and place your toppings on the grilled side. Allrecipes tells you how to make a good one but get as creative as you’d like. It’s your pizza, after all!

4. Go the mug route.

Pizza in a mug is part of one of the hottest (and easiest!) cooking trends around: microwavable mug meals. They take mere minutes to make and are super simple too. All you really need to do is mix your ingredients in a bowl, then add your sauce and your toppings. That’s it! More detailed recipes can be found at Bigger Bolder Baking and at Spoon University.

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Here's How To Make Pizza Without An Oven When You're Craving It


5. Go the frozen route.

It’s sad but sometimes, buying a frozen is all you have the time or the energy to do. In that case, there are plenty of guides online that rate different brands and that help you choose the best one. Trader Joe’s selection tends to win out in taste while Kashi’s and Vitalicious’ are praised for their healthiness. Well, as healthy as frozen pizza can be anyway.

And that’s how you do an oven-less pizza! Are there any other tips you have for when you make pizza? Leave how you make pizza in the comments section down below!
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