5 Steps to Navigating Off Campus CSUN Housing

Off-campus housing can be a serious challenge. As someone who has been looking for months, I really feel your pain. There are so many options with various pros and cons. So, how do you do it? Keep reading for the 5 steps of navigating off campus CSUN housing!


Off Campus CSUN Housing Perks:

The perks of off-campus housing are undeniable: you create your own rules, save money, and possess far more options in terms of space, price, and amenities. However, the struggle to find a “perfect” place to live is real

Step 1: Set a realistic price limit for yourself.

Of course, we all want to live in a mansion worth millions with Beyoncé as our neighbor…but that might not be the most realistic option. Talk with your parents and future roommates, while evaluating your own income to find out what is affordable. Lastly, don’t forget to account for food, gas, and other monthly expenses.

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Step 2: Find some down-to-earth roommates.

Roommate horror stories are always circulating… This is one reason why finding them can be the hardest and most important step. Sometimes, the “perfect” roommate is not always your best friend, but someone who wants the same things as you. A good roommate is someone who has similar interests, price limits, and fundamental beliefs. If one of you is super organized, while the other enjoys living in clutter, it is not a good roommate situation.

Step 3: Make a checklist of apartment wants vs. needs.

Sit down with your roommates and figure out what you all want and need! Discuss preferences: House or apartment? How many bedrooms and bathrooms?  Again, you have to make a realistic checklist. If there is something you want, but do not necessarily need like a balcony or extra bathroom, then put that on a separate list. If your roommates have different wants and needs than you, then it might be better to go back to step two, if compromise is impossible.

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Step 4: Make an apartment options cheat-sheet for your reference.

Once you have found a few apartments you would be OK to live in, gather all the information you can on each one and print them out for your reference. You can bring these sheets with you when you tour the apartment or visit the landlord and need to remember important information. This will also help you compare to other apartment options.

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Step 5: Get off your computer and take a drive.

Start looking and hit the pavement! Search online at apartmentfinder.com or apartments.com. These websites are going to be your best friends when looking for an apartment. If you are simply looking for a room to rent, sites like Craigslist and CSUN’s Facebook pages are the way to go. Those are also great places to find a roommate. Now, what are you waiting for? Summer is just beginning! Go out and find the most amazing off-campus housing you can!

What are some other tips students should know about off- campus CSUN housing? Comment below and share this article with friends!
Featured image source: pixabay.com, education.kilroy.net