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10 Questions You Have About CSUN Housing: Answered

10 Questions You Have About CSUN Housing: Answered


Congratulations! YOU finally made it! Goodbye high school…hello, college. Next on the to-do list? HOUSING. Here are 10 answers to popular CSUN housing questions that will help you plan ahead and make the best decisions possible. Ready. Set. Start Hunting! (House hunting, that is.)

*Includes information from CSUN’s Housing site 

1. What types of housing is offered, and when are housing tours provided?

Suites, apartments, and family housing is available. Want to see them all in person? Call (818) 677-2160 to schedule a tour (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.)


2. What do suites come with?

  • Semi-private bath per two bedrooms
  • Loftable beds that can be raised to create workspace underneath
  • Spacious living and study lounges
  • Meals in a central dining room. Meal plans are required for all Suite residents.
  • Electronic key card security
  • Wireless Internet and Ethernet
  • Cable TV options
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Each suite is a comfortable, furnished two-person bedroom with a semi-private bath. Every group of 16 suites has its own hub of living and study lounges. Meals in Geronimo’s, the main dining room, and recreation in the community center bring people together. You can also check out more information about suites here!

3. What do the apartments offer?

  • Two-bedroom, including one bath, furnished for four students
  • Living room and dining area
  • Private balcony
  • Most units come with kitchens. Residents in a unit without a kitchen must purchase a meal plan.
  • Electronic key card security
  • Wireless Internet and Ethernet
  • Cable TV options

The Apartments at University Park are a different approach to living on campus. They are comfortable, modern and within easy walking or biking distance to classrooms and libraries. The apartments are perfect for freshmen and returning students. If you would more information, please read here!

4. What features does family housing have?

  • Unfurnished one- and two-bedroom units
  • Gated grounds
  • Private patios on the lower units and a decks on the upper units
  • Communal pool, children’s playground and recreation room
  • Easy walking or biking to campus
  • Nearby shops, restaurants and entertainment

Each apartment features direct access from the outside, eliminating the need for noisy hallways. Kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator, range and garbage disposal. One-bedroom apartments feature a dining bar while two-bedroom units have a separate dining area. Bedrooms contain easily accessible, large closets and there is a separate linen closet in each unit. All apartments come unfurnished. Carpeting and window coverings are provided. If you would like more information, check out this site!


5. How do you apply?

The Student Housing application begins with an online process. Students not able to access a computer to complete the application should contact the Student Housing office for assistance. You will be asked to log in to the Student Housing Portal using your myNorthridge Portal username and password. You will be directed to select the application period you are interested in applying for.


Application Steps –> Start here:

1. Contact data
2. Application data
3. Learning communities
4. Room type
5. Meal plan
6. Profile sharing
7. Verify


*Visit CSUN’s Steps to Apply for Student Housing for more details*

6. What are the housing rates?

Depending on your preferred living situation, the housing rates vary. Visit here to evaluate your options!

7. Why are Living Communities important?

California State University, Northridge currently has several Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Living Communities (TLCs) from which to choose.


In the LLCs, residents are drawn from a specific recognized major, academic program or college on campus. In the TLCs, residents are not necessarily drawn from a specific recognized major but rather unite around a special theme.

Each community offers its own scheduled events, academic support and social activities. In this highly collaborative structure, residents drive their communities, set priorities, plan activities and identify opportunities to improve academic and personal growth.

8. What is the difference between Living Learning Communities and Themed Living Communities?

California State University, Northridge offers several living and learning communities (LLCs) from which to choose: Engineering & Computer Science, Cinema Television Arts, Freshman Year Experience, Honors, Lighthouse, Music, and Health & Wellness Studies. In the LLCs, participants are drawn from a specific recognized major, academic program or college on campus. Your roommates and neighbors share similar majors or the same class level. Each community offers its own scheduled events, academic support and social activities.


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California State University, Northridge also offers several themed living communities (TLCs) from which to choose. In the TLCs, participants are not drawn from a specific recognized major but rather are students who unite around a special theme. Each community presents its own scheduled events, academic support and social activities. Each TLC features a resident advisor, who is a member of the community, and a steering committee drawing from students, faculty, Student Housing staff and other campus staff.


You can learn more information about LLC here and TLC here!
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9. What are some moving essentials?

Refer to the moving essentials checklist here before deciding what to bring to Student Housing. Don’t forget bedding (extra-long twin), bathroom items, kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, clothing & personal items, and recreational items!

10. What is the meal plan and how do you apply?

Meal Plans are available to ALL students, including those living off-campus. Annual Meal Plans start Saturday, August 27, 2016, and end Friday, May 19, 2017.


Students may now apply for a Meal Plan at the same time as their on-campus housing through the online Student Housing Portal until June 2016. Although you may apply for both at the same time, please note Meal Plan fees are billed and collected separately from Student Housing fees. Please do not make any payments for your Meal Plan until you see the charges posted to your CSUN myNorthridge Web Portal. If you missed the window to apply for a meal plan with your housing, you will need to submit the Meal Plan application directly to the Meal Plan office.

To learn more about a meal plan, visit here!

Click here to download the Meal Plan application. To view Meal Plan terms & conditions click here.


Are you ready for the adventure? Because, home is where YOUR story begins! 

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