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10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

Sometimes the best way to get into a better headspace is to leave your current residence all together. Although, unless you get paid to travel, traveling can be pretty pricey. That should no longer be an issue because I’ve come up with ten cheap vacation spots to relax your mind!

1. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Mexico is a cheap travel destination because everything over there is more affordable due to the comparison of the US dollar. Mexico has many great beaches that you can kick back and relax on. You can arrange an Airbnb with friends for the most affordable route, bring food and drinks, and go out only a few times. Puerto Escondido Beach is a hidden treasure in a small town known for fishing. Money shouldn’t be on your mind with hotel prices at 40 dollars a night! Not to mention the street food is cheap and delicious. Sunbathe and let your worries wash away with the tides at this photogenic destination.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

2. Palm Springs

Palm Springs a small retirement community in the desert where temperatures reach at least up to 100 degrees. That should not be an issue because you’ll either be relaxing by the pool or in an air-conditioned hotel. There’s plenty of four-star hotel pricing around 50 dollars. Not to mention if you like to explore spiritual havens, this is an excellent place to be. Making it a top cheap vacation spot for visiting.  You can also find the world-famous Integratron: A Fusion of Art Science and Magic is only an hour away. In other words, this is a sound bath museum that to provide healing, and it was created by a man that received suggestions to do so from so-called “aliens.” Despite where you stand on the alien issue, this is still a fantastic destination that will relax and open your mind.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

3. Catalina Island

Catalina is a charming island off the coast of Southern California. While staying on the island can be expensive, traveling there for one day is not. You can stay at a cheap hotel or Airbnb at the ports where your boat will depart. Including places like Oceanside or Newport beach. The tickets for the round trip are $70, which is relatively inexpensive when you think about it. You’ll be on a lovely new island all day, and sometimes Groupon has exclusive deals for the boat tickets. Once you are free to explore the island by foot and pop into shops and restaurants. The beach is to die for, the paddleboards and kayaks are for rent are very affordable. There’s lots of history, color, and unique architecture. You’ll leave the island feeling rejuvenated and with many photos pocketed memories of the trip.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots That Will Relax Your Mind

4. Great Smoky Mountains

Another mystical wonder of the world these mountains have mist oozing around the horizon. It is another National Park, and you can camp here for only 10-23 dollars per night. Entry to the park is free to the public, therefore, it serves as one of the best cheap vacation spots. Learn more about the Cherokee natives who first claimed the land and the first Irish and Scottish settlers in the area at the Sugarland Visitor Center. The Great Smoky Mountains will connect you with nature and fill you with gratitude, all while keeping plenty of money in your pocket.

Image result for pinterest Great Smoky Mountains

5. Sedona Arizona

If you’re looking for a retreat but don’t have the money for it, look no further than Sedona. Sedona is known for its supernatural and energy enhancing capabilities. It harbor’s earth’s vortex, a vortex is a place filled with healing energy and inspiration. These are the areas in which the powers are very high for certain areas throughout the earth. Get all the benefits of a healing retreat without the cost; just being present in the area will be sure to calm your nerves. Getting a reiki or massage treatment will be far cheaper here in comparison to other places as well due to the competitive pricing. Due to the natural energy in the area, Sedona is home to many spas and meditative practices. Making it a must when adding it to the list of cheap vacation spots. Sedona will be sure to relax your body and mind and maybe even spark motivation as well.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

6. New Orleans

New Orleans has lively energy and vibrant culture; it’s also a great place to visit during Mardi Gras. You might think that spending a significant amount of money is a given when visiting a site like New Orleans, but that’s not the case. Due to its roots in jazz music, live music and dancing are relatively cheap to enjoy at this vacation spot. Art also thrives in the area, and the New Orleans Museum of Art costs only $10 per adult and has thousands of artworks to explore. Check out the famous french quarter with a beignet in hand and put your mind to sleep. Picnic at City Park and let your wallet thank you.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

7. Crater lake Oregon

Crater Lake is the largest lake in the US and is a natural wonder. The Native American Tribe that lived worshiped the lake, and it has many vortexes surrounding the lake. The part about this making it one of the perfect cheap vacation spots is camping! You can camp at crater lake hike the trails and take photos of the mystical lake. Camping is a great way to save tons of money and still have an adventurous endeavor. Watch out for “the old man of the lake,” the puzzling full-grown tree that has been bouncing vertically in the lake for several years. The soil surrounding the lake is believed to have healing powers, and there’s only one way to find out if that’s true! Dive into this expansive escapee.

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10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

8. Copper Mountain Colorado

Colorado is an excellent option to visit for a ski trip during the winter. Ski trips are another relatively cheap vacation spots. Whether you have your own equipment or not, everything is paid for for the day, and you can get discounts on ski lift tickets too. Colorado will be worthwhile because you’ll be sure to find a heaping amount of good snow, whereas if you were to trek up to your local mountains, you might not find the best quality for snow. Going with friends to an Airbnb and planning meals every night is the best way to go about it. A great way to get out of your head and into your body is focusing on physical activity, especially if it’s fun, can be a very effective way to ease stress.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots to Relax Your Mind

9. Monument Valley

Another energy vortex bordering Utah and Arizona. This valley is a dessert patch that has many healing areas and places to hike. The entrance to the national park is only $10 per person and makes for one of the best cheap vacation spots. Tales of medicine men and drawing on the rocks serve as a reminder of the first settlers in the land the Navajo. You can even have a traditional Navajo guide you through the most secret and magical areas of the valley. Monument Valley is a fun all-day trip that will be sure to provide healing and distraction from the anxiety in your mind.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

10. Lake Michigan Michigan

Get your head in the stars! Lake Michigan is another perfect place to camp and stargaze. It’s one of the best places to get in touch with the universe because it has great air quality and not much city around. The lack of lights and smog will produce optimal quality for scoping out the solar system. You can camp out or check out the Headlands Observatory for only $3 a person. Not to mention swimming, hiking, and lounging, by the lake is free and will be sure to relax your mind making it perfect to add to one of your cheap vacation spots.

10 Cheap Vacation Spots To Relax Your Mind

What’s your favorite cheap vacation spot to relax your mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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