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Top 10 Coffee Alternatives

Top 10 Coffee Alternatives

Whether you’re just trying to find something more appealing to your taste buds, or trying to find a healthier option than coffee-here are the top 10 coffee alternatives.

1) Herbal Coffee

I know coffee is still in the name, but not to worry, herbal coffee is a whole different animal. Herbal coffee is great because you can get all kinds of other benefits out of it. Plus, you’re still getting that hot drink aspect and some energy throughout the day. Furthermore, certain combinations of nuts and herbs can actually give off the same taste as your average cup of coffee. So play around with some recipes out there and find one that suits you better than the usual alternative.

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2) Chicory Root

Now coffee to some people is an absolute cult following. I know some friends of the family do it all from picking to grinding their own beans and making their coffee from scratch. If this is you, but you need to get away from the drink for one reason or another, chicory root might be the alternative for you. The reason I say this is because of the fact that preparing chicory root in a hot drink form is almost identical to making a cup of standard coffee. You have to grind it up to the consistency you want and brew/steep it for however bold a drink you want to produce.

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3) Maca

Still rolling in the vain of herbs and plants as a coffee alternative to this one. But whereas the prior ideas still have some direct caffeine influence for the most part-this one does not. Maca is known to stimulate adrenal glands in the body and also has been used in the past as a libido stimulant. Now don’t worry you aren’t going to have some awkward moment at work or at home in the morning. You have to eat a decent amount of the stuff to get that effect really rolling in your body. Just having a little will perk you up and get a little adrenaline flowing in your body to start the day. A bit more of an exciting coffee alternative.


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4) Coconut Water

This is one is really just a mic drop for coffee alternatives, it just isn’t fair. Coconut water nowadays is always being praised for having tons and tons of benefits to your body. From electrolytes to high potassium levels this drink is meant to jack your body up in all the right ways. Plus for those whose pallet really can’t stand coffee, this is a really good option. The drink is mildly sweet and taken cold usually-so a lot more variation in getting your coffee like effects.

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5) Cold-Brew Cacao Nibs

The best way I can describe this coffee alternative is like drinking away a more mocha focussed cup of coffee but without it having all the caffeine of a cup of coffee. The drink derived from these been-like nibs is known to very soothing to the body while also still possessing a light amount of caffeine to give your body a little bit of an energy kick. Plus, when drinking it you get this satisfying feeling of knowing you’re drinking straight chocolate. It’s not the same taste but it is in fact what you are turning into a beverage. It’s just not all processed and hyper sweet like your usual chocolate bar.

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6) Beat Juice

Antioxidants ahoy! Beat juice has been around for a very long time, and the effects of it have also been known to be very helpful. As a coffee alternative, this one is mainly focussed on people who want more of a healthy morning pick me up. This coffee alternative is known to loosen your body up and promote better breathing and oxygen consumption in the body. Plus, you stray away from a hot and bitter drink like coffee and shift to a more mellow and sweet drink. definitely a good option for those against coffee.

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7) Hibiscus Tea

What’s great about hibiscus tea is in the fact that it gives your body many of the minerals it needs. Specifically iron, which allows your body to use the food you’ve eaten more effectively and get you the energy you need throughout your day. Again this falls under the more health kick coffee alternative that I know some people will be looking for who is conscious of the negatives that come along with coffee consumption. Either way, this tea naturally allows you to create more energy for yourself without messing up any other levels in your body.

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8) Yerba Mate

Think coffee about, but imagine it being made in areas where coffee beans aren’t as available–that’s this coffee alternative for you. This particular drink is found most commonly in South American countries that cannot or simply do not have the foundations to support coffee bean growth. This drink is made up of a wide mixture of plants and herbs in these countries that are first dried and then blitzed into a fine powder. It seems the drink is served hot or just as is, but it is a great coffee alternative since it is chock-full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that your body needs in its day-to-day.

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9) Grinds Coffee Pouches

I’m cheating a bit with this one given that it is still a coffee grounds product. I stumbled across this product recently and thought it might help people who like coffee, yet don’t like the hassle of getting/making a cup of coffee. Grinds came out around 10 years ago as an alternative to chewing tobacco for those that wish to quit the bad habit. However, the company thrives nowadays selling their product to the average customer who enjoys coffee.

The pouches inside each small tin simply contain coffee grounds and instead of spitting like one would do with chewing tobacco you swallowing the juice put off from the pouch in your mouth. Effectively you pop one in and brew your cup of coffee all by yourself. Each pouch contains a quarter cup of coffee worth of caffeine and can last as long as 30-40 minutes. So if coffee is still your thing but you don’t want the usual hassles that come along with it, give grinds a try.

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10) Banana Smoothie

What? I’m not kidding! Everyone always rants and raves about how much bananas give you once consumed. Making a banana smoothie at the start of your day gives your body a healthy carb load full of potassium. And on top of that, it’s sweet and still has that semi-creamy vibe that coffee has. This particular coffee alternative I feel will be very popular with people who are fans of iced coffee. This is a better source of sugar and energy in the morning than an iced coffee. This is one of the best coffee alternatives!

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Have some other honorable mentions for coffee alternatives? Let me know your coffee alternatives in the comments below, and tell me which of these worked for you.

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