20 Commonly Used Phrases To Know In Any Language Before Traveling

Here's 20 Commonly Used Phrases To Know before traveling to another country. These Commonly Used Phrases will help you survive abroad and navigating around.

Here are 20 commonly used phrases to know before traveling. The language barrier is one of the biggest challenges a traveler will ever face. Even the simplest things, such as ordering breakfast or asking for the time, can become an obstacle. The Golden 5: The first 5 are MUST KNOWS. Being polite in your conversations and exchanges helps to bridge the lingual and cultural gaps between yourself and the people you encounter.

1. Hello.

Potentially the most commonly used phrases to know when abroad- obviously.

2. Please.

3. Thank You.

You can understand what this makes the commonly used phrases to know list.

4. Excuse Me.

5. Good Bye.

Obviously makes the commonly used phrases to know list.

6. Basic Introduction.

“My name is ____. I am from ____. What is your name? How are you? I am ____!” While you can only take the conversation so far, small talk is good way to get to know the people you meet while abroad.

7. Basic Counting.

“How old are you? I am____. How much? How tall? What time?” All of your encounters will deal with numbers. (See 10 & 13 of the commonly used phrases to know).

8. Seasonal Greetings.

Holidays vary from culture to culture. If you are traveling during their holiday season, learn phrases that follow their traditions.

9. Dining.

“I would like the small, house salad.” The likely-hood of your waiter/waitress knowing your language is low. Being able to order your lunch in their language will prevent miscommunication.

10. How much?

Number 10 of the commonly used phrases to know: “I don’t see a price. I wonder how much this is?” Some stores around the world do not have their prices labeled on the shelves. Knowing how to ask for the price or total of your purchase can save you from an awkward encounter at the check out when you come up $5 short.

11. Can I use your phone?

Although everyone tends to carry a cell phone, it is always a safe bet to know how to ask to use one in case yours is stolen or if you don’t have service in the country you are visiting. [Knowing the phone number for the local police station is also helpful, see 17.]

12. Where is the bathroom?

Nature calls and there is no restroom in sight. Being able to ask for the toilet in their language can save you time. “Can you point me to the bathroom? Thanks!”

13. What is the time?

Your watch broke, your phone died, there is no clock nearby — Having to ask someone for the time happens often.

14. I need a cab.

“Where can I get a taxi?” Or a bus. Or a train. Or a bicycle. In a foreign country, you may not have your car to take you everywhere. Knowing how to ask for transportation can save you from having a lot of problems. That’s number 14 of the commonly used phrases to know.

15. Can you give me directions to…?

Unless you are able to memorize a map, or truly believe that your GPS is reliable, you will need to be able to ask for basic directions to major landmarks, buildings, or other destinations.

16. I need help. I need a doctor.

Accidents and emergencies happen. It is always important to know how to ask someone for help. In a worst case scenario, this knowledge could help to save a life. Definitely makes the list of commonly used phrases to know.

17. Where is the police station? The embassy?

Safety is a primary concern for many travelers. Knowing how to ask for the police, or your embassy, is a good precaution to take before going abroad.

18. Internet.

“Hey, can I get the wifi password?” Today, most people are dependent on the Internet. Having access to it while overseas is almost vital. Many cafes and hotels have wifi; however, you may have to ask for a password.

19. Pick up lines.

You may decide to approach a single person, or you may be approached yourself! Knowing how to flirt in a foreign language can definitely help you out.

20. Do you speak my language?

“Do you speak English?” If you don’t want to take the time to learn ALL of the above, simply learn to ask someone if they speak your language. Finding a common language to communicate is always helpful for both sides. This is a crucial commonly used phrases to know.

20 Commonly Used Phrases To Know In Any Language Before Travelling
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