15 Best Fitness Products You Can Buy On Amazon

Going back to school means you want to look your best. But, we all know the struggle is SOOO real when it comes to keeping in shape during college. Long days in enduring lectures, struggling to keep warm and stress free while working extra hours to pay off student loans, car notes, and building our savings plans, leaves us all exhausted and wanting to cry BEDTIME at any given moment. Am I right?! If you are looking for new routines or how to improve your health, here are the 15 best fitness products you can buy on Amazon!

1. Hot Body Year Round fitness book

“Go hard”, ma friend. This is what Blogilates womenpreneur Cassey Ho wants you to do whenever you are working out with her via YouTube.

The Blogilates book, “Hot Body Year Round” is a festive compilation of “cheap clean eats” and quick fitness workouts. As of 2009, not only has her small business continued to expand for her dreamy collection of comfortable fitness clothing and previously taught Pilates while she was in college, but she makes working out so convenient with a click of the replay button on Youtube!

She specializes in having women all around the world “goin’ hard” on their workouts and their dreams and makes plenty of resources available. For instance, you can also download her free monthly workout calendar or commit to the beginner’s series. I can assure you I lost at least twenty pounds total since discovering her workout series in early 2016!  Aside from my personal recommendation, the book is filled with color and the complete Pop Pilates workout series! By reading the text and motivational notes, you can truly hear her enthusiasm and energy as if you were watching her Youtube channel.

2. Cooling towel

Mission Athletecare’s Enduracool Towel is one of the best sellers and is perfect to bring with you to the gym! If you’re an athletic trainer or a gym addict, this is the perfect towel to throw in the bag along with your water bottle.

It also goes beyond fitness. Take this towel to the next music festival or locak 5k run.  The packaging was made to be portable, reusable, eco-friendly while the fabric technology is laundry washable friendly. Just pour room temperature to cool water on the towel, snap the towel about 3 to 4 times or thirty seconds from end to end, and watch as the towel transforms to a cooling towel.

3. Bikini body guide

Kayla started this personal training journey of hers years ago with the mission to get healthier, happier, stronger and leaner with the ultimate goal to assist women worldwide to find their fittest form. Today, her BBG Community (Bikini Body Guide) continues to grow as fast as the veggies she wants you to eat from all the recipes this book has included. Not kidding. She is here to help you stay motivated through the rough times and live the ideal balanced lifestyle you’ve always wanted. She is currently working on her second book that you can pre-order now!

4. Meditation, recipe, and fitness book

Tone it Up is all about sincere sisterhood support through meditation, proper nutrition, and having fun with your gal pals. This IS the book to get wayyy better at unlocking the tools you need to succeed. In 28 days, the duo Katrena and Karena will teach you to meditate, how to boost your confidence, learn new super effective routines to target those troublesome spots, and tear up the kitchen.

5. Flex Watches

Time yourself and move and stretch the proper way with Flex Watches. The watches are all waterproof AND sweatproof! The unique arm band was made to move with your active lifestyle. It’s simple to clean, and with every purchase, Flex Watches donates 10% of the purchase to a charity or important cause. Talk about college products made by college students for college students, done right!

As your Flex Watches Campus Representative (because I stand by this brand), ask me for a discount code today, they are currently having a buy one get one half off for the ultimate summer sale!

6. Resistance bands and fitness guide

Stay tough, get rough, get lean, and forget the machine! You have extra bonuses with your order to read up on and it’s not your textbook! Don’t forget to visit here for more fitspo!

7. Jump rope to get your heart pumpin’ and your feet thumpin’.

Amazing Core Fitness designs more than light weighted jump ropes for use, but it’s a whole combo of results from head to toe even with prolonged use and a backed by a lifetime guarantee. No excuses but to just do it!

8.  Sivan Fitness’ Yoga Pack

Ever thought about trying or doing advanced yoga? Well, here’s the perfect way to calm you down after each crazy study session. Smile and stretch!

9.  FreshTek’s Fruit Infuser

Stay fresh and fruity with the water infuser!


10. Grip socks

Hate that feeling of sliding off your yoga mat  or you’re putting a lot of pressure on your feet while doing a dance routine? Here’s the ultimate key to safer exercise.

10. Fitness bag

Included are a jump rope, a ball, a drawstring back for all your hikes and outdoor walks, and much more with a money back guarantee for trying it out. Oh, and consider this your upgrade!


See Also

11. SYNERGYM bands with instructional video

Consider this your ‘no excuses’ power pack! You can use it for practically every form of exercise!

12.  Lifting belt

Set the gym on fire (pun intended) for the best weightlifting belt with back and abdominal support. All eyes on you as you do what you do.


13.  Crown Sporting Goods’ weights

Because a little weight never hurt no one, especially not these!

14. Atheltic Tape

Rocktape goes above and beyond for new and experienced athletes to prevent you  from receiving those dreaded joint injuries.

15. Block the rays during your outdoor workout.

Because chances are you’re gonna wanna play beach volleyball and all.

Now that you know what those fitness chicks and guys are up to on Amazon, why don’t you join them on your free time away from class?!

Did you see any other top rated fitness products on Amazon you’d like to share?! Comment below!

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