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20 Fancy Macaroons That Are Too Pretty To Eat

Usually when we see the word macaroon we think of the French dessert, macaron; it’s something we all spell incorrectly. While the coconut macaroons are a delight, the secret macaroon recipe master, Laduree, steals the show. These French delicacies are light, satisfying and decadent beyond belief. When I see a box of Laduree macarons there’s absolutely no way I’m eating those things – they’re just too pretty. Next time you are in New York City, stop by Laduree NYC since chances are we can’t all visit the one in Paris. Since we can’t all go to Paris, here are insanely fancy macaroons that’ll have you drooling and channeling your inner Parisian girl.

1. Laduree Macarons

Why not start with the Queen of Macarons; we may as well start out on a high note. These macarons come in 10 essential flavors and currently have four seasonal flavors: pistachio, chocolate, coffee, caramel, orange blossom, liquorice, rose, vanilla, lemon and raspberry. The rose and rasberry macarons are to-die-for so if you get your hands on these two, go to town. Laduree is spicing up their “macaroon” selection with seasonal flavors mint, blackcurrant violet, cedrat and chocolate orange. Again, don’t think these are flavors to pass up.

2. Cake Batter Macarons

Macarons are priceless as is but when you combine cake batter flavor to this astonishing dessert, it’s a done deal. Bold enough to give your baking skills as go? The recipe to Sarah’s Broma Bakery recipe is now posted!

3. Stacked Macarons

4. Blue Pasel

You can learn how to make these baby blue macarons here. These would be perfect for a baby showers!

5. Oreo

6. Birthday Cake

7. Cinnamon Roll Macarons

With fall fast approaching, these are the perfect fall macarons to have at your home! Check out Tatyana’s recipe!

8. Honey Lavender Macarons

9. Salted Caramel Macarons

10. Snickerdoodle Macarons

11. Unicorn Macarons

Since everyone is obsessed with the unicorn food fad, why not. Unicorn macarons look pretty tasty to me.

See Also

12. Literal Unicorn Macarons

13. Pumpkin Macaron

14. Dark Chocolate Truffle

15. Fruity Cereal Macarons

16. Banana Split Macaron

17. Raspberry Prosecco Macaron

18. Passionfruit, Raspberry and Bubblegum

19. Assorted Macarons

20. Rose Gold Macarons – The Ultimate Fancy Macaroons

Which fancy macaroons are your favorite?! Drop us a line!!
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