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Best Dating Apps For College Students

Best Dating Apps For College Students

Best Dating Apps For College Students

Okay I’ll say it. Dating can be fucking exhausting. Finding someone to go on a date with, having to do the small talk and getting to know each other thing – but not really because who’s gonna reveal their darkest secrets on a first date – can be a tiresome task. That’s what dating apps are for. That small talk that you dread? Get it over with on the dating app so you can move on to more interesting topics for your actual date. Don’t know which dating apps to use? Read below to see which one best suits what you’re going for.

1. I’m Yelling Tinder

Of course I had to add Tinder. It wouldn’t be a piece about dating apps if I didn’t mention it. It’s the OG of dating apps. Swipe away on this app for a minimum of ten minutes and you’re guaranteed to find yourself a date. Fair warning, although you may find someone who’s interested in more, this tends to be a hookup app so if you’re looking for something serious, it may not be the one for you.

Best Dating Apps For College Students

2. Bumble Away

Shy guys, this one’s for you! Bumble is Tinder with a slight twist. It has the same swiping notion that makes it easy to maneuver, but in this case the women have to message first. This is great to ward off creepy guys and you only have to message someone you’re genuinely interested in. Did you swipe right on someone on a drunken 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning and then realize you’re not actually interested? Great, just don’t message them!

Best Dating Apps For College Students

3. Hinge Called, They Want Something More Serious

Tired of hookups and want something more serious? Hinge is the perfect dating app for you! It abandons the traditional swipe right/left motion of Tinder so that you can spend time focusing on the profile you’re viewing rather than mindlessly swiping. This app makes the user answer prompts and you’re able to fill out information (like if you’re looking for something serious or if you want kids) to personalize your profile and find someone with the same interests.

4. Hi Coffee, I’m Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel has been around for a while, but it seems to be gaining more momentum these days. The premise of this dating app is that everyone loves going a coffee date (Siri, define “everyone”). It’s definitely a quality over quantity type of dating app. It limits the amount of people it matches you with and matches you with those you’re most compatible with. It does require Facebook and it matches you with mutual friends so if that’s not your thing, you may want to opt out of this one.

Best Dating Apps For College Students

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5. So Is This Gonna Happn Or Nah?

Hopeless romantics who believe in missed connections and love serendipity, this is for you. Like other dating apps, Happn uses a GPS to connect you with people close to you. Most apps show you everyone within your set radius but Happn takes it a step further. The idea is that you shouldn’t have to swipe through random profiles of any and everyone. Instead, see profiles of people you’ve physically passed by. Don’t worry, they won’t see you liked their profile unless they like yours too.

Best Dating Apps For College Students

6. We’re A Match Made In… Match?

Tinder may be the OG of dating apps but Match is its Grandfather. Created long before dating apps were even a thing, you can now use Match as an app and it has a pretty impressive user base. Throwing shade at other dating apps, Match says you’re free to waste your time on others if you feel like being in a frustrating cycle. Or you could join Match. It matches you with people who meet your standards and is great for those looking for something more serious than a hookup.

Do you think you’ll be downloading any of these dating apps? Let us know which ones you like in the comment section below!

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