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An Open Letter To The Boy Who Crushed My Heart

An Open Letter To The Boy Who Crushed My Heart

Love and relationships can be a complicated thing, especially when you get your heart broken. This is an open letter to the boy who crushed my heart.

To the boy who crushed my heart:

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You crushed me. Not just my heart, but you did it slowly, until there was nothing left. Like a towel being wrung out to dry.

You don’t know this, but you were my first love. The guy that I will always compare every other guy to.

I always thought of us as that couple. The one that fell for each other too fast. The one that dated and knew nothing about the other. But, that died quickly because the more I learned about you, the more I wanted you. I wanted to make memories- happy or sad. Looking back, I realized that the bad memories trumped the good ones, and suddenly they all turned bad.

Although our relationship was short lived, there are so many things I will never forgive you for. No matter many times I said it was okay. Because it wasn’t. I’ll run down the list for you, in case you forgot.

  • When we put a label on our relationship, I invited you over for dinner with my family. You didn’t show up.
  • On multiple occasions, you told me you loved me. Then took it back.
  • You said prom wasn’t your thing. Then, you asked another girl. While we were still dating.
  • You made me believe there was a second chance for us.

Now that last bullet point is a bit tricky. You should be wondering ”which time?”.

Oh wait, I forgot a bullet

  • You were the worst sexual partner I have ever had.

 Now, I’m not going to be cliché and say any thank you’s. But, if there is a lesson that I have learned, it is that relationships are built. Not forced.


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