20 Badass Tattoos For Men We Are Absolutely Loving

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Have you been debating on which badass tattoos for men you want for quite some time? Or maybe you’re the girlfriend who wants your guy to get some more ink? Either way, these tattoo designs for men will leave you booking your next appointment at the tattoo parlor. These male tattoos range in style, script, coloring, design and aesthetic, but they all have one thing in common. Each will leave a lasting impression that you are a total badass. Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy anyone? I know the ladies are picking up what I’m laying down…

Full Sleeves

Three words, full sleeve tattoos. These are definitely a lasting commitment, but David Beckham sure does pull it off.

Head To Toe Tattoos

This look is without a doubt one of the most badass tattoos for men that you could ever get inked with. Besides the fact that it portrays a heart appearing to be getting stabbed by swords, the placement of these head, neck, arm and hand tattoos is bold and daring.


Getting Handsy

Try script across the fingers and up the arms, clad with chunky biker rings.

Floral Arrangements

This is one of the badass tattoos for men that is fully equipped to go hand in hand with the notorious man bun.

Tigers and Anchors

These tattoos for men are mixed between animals, ship captains, boat anchors and portraits. Covering from the chest, arms, stomach to hands, these badass tattoos for men are an intense look.


Rose Illustrations

These small tattoos for men are captivating with lettering along the fingers down to the wrists. There is a juxtaposition of delicate roses to harsh dark color blocking tattoos down the wrists.

Religious Portraits

This ink is full of biblical recognition and tattoo designs for men that stop at the wrists and go up the biceps.

Line Tattoos

Minimal yet badass, this neck tattoo outlines the structure of angel wings, blurring the lines between badass and dainty.


Tribal Ink

This is one of the badass tattoos for men that showcases tribal designs and outlines of cultural illustrations.

Rising Flames

Travelling from the upper chest to ear, this floral flame design is intricate with definitive shading.

Minimal Arrowheads

Color blocking and geometric arrow designs make the idyllic addition to the back of the arm for minimal badass tattoos for men.


Scattered Ink

These male tattoos are scattered and almost randomly placed. Some red coloring is added, along with diamond-like shapes in the wedding ring area.

Feathers and Wings

Deep dark ink from the fingers to upper arms in the form of feathers, wings and lettering are eye catching and conversational.

See Also


Mountains and Bears

For the wanderlust explorer or mountain man, this carefully etched wilderness tattoo is one of the more technical badass tattoos for men.

The Growing Tree

Side pieces debut the length and stature of the body. This detailed and intricate tree tattoo even has dream catchers and dimensional leaves for added effect.

Nature Calls

With some blurring and impressionist illustration, this tattoo is an ideal reminder for the outdoors man of his love for the wild.


Lions and Skulls

For the guy who wants it all, try incorporating skulls, animals, portraits, script and geometric tattoos.

Geometric Ink

Tribal patterns and geometric shapes in statement black ink on the hands will turn heads.

Banded Ink

Band tattoos can be done in whichever pattern or drawing you like. This tattoo look involves some shading, lines and geometric patterns.


Chest Script

In memoriam or namesake tattoos are special with everlasting importance. Plus, if Jax Teller did it then it screams badass tatoos for men…

Which of these badass tattoos for men are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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