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10 Things To Do When It Rains On Your Vacation

10 Things To Do When It Rains On Your Vacation

Having trouble finding things to do when it rains? Look no further! Here are some great ideas to still have a great day regardless of the weather!

Thinking of things to do when it rains can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with your surroundings. There is nothing worse than saving for months, taking time off from work, and sitting for hours on a plane, just to get to your vacation spot and have it rain. I know that having a rainy vacation can seem like a disaster, but it doesn’t have to be, at least not completely. So, after you have had your meltdown, packed back up the bikinis you brought, and had a couple mimosas, here are some things you can do to make the most out of your rainy vacation day or days.

1. Find a local Museum

Ask the front desk or google the nearest local museum and go there. You will be sheltered from the bad weather and get to learn about the place you are visiting.

2. Art Gallery

If history isn’t your thing, check to see if there are anything art galleries nearby. If you are in a city, try and find a fancy one so you can dress up and make a date out of it. This is a great option when looking for things to do when it rains!


3. Card Game

I you happen to be at a resort that is pretty far from a town or city, you can always ask for a deck of cards from the front desk and play cards in your room. Order room service, get some drinks, even put an old black and white movie on in the background, and just make it fun.

4. Have a spa day

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity for a spa day. Book a couples massage, get pedicures, sit in the sauna, or have a steamy steam session together. The best part is, you will feel even better than you did when you woke up, so you will be fresh and ready for the beach when the weather does clear.

5. Take a yoga class

It doesn’t have to be a yoga class, but any fitness class is a great idea to fill a rainy day. You can burn a couple hours inside and burn off all those poolside drinks you had when the sun was out. Plus it will help you de-stress about the unfortunate weather.



6. Go Underground

If you do happen to have a rainy day, do a quick search to see if there are any cave tours or even mining tours in the area. It is the perfect time to opt in on a cave tubing activity or even a mineral tour of a mining cave. Who knows, you may even emerge to some sunshine.

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7. Wine/Beer tasting

Wither you’re a wino or a beer snob there is bound to be a tasting or tour for your pallet. I always look for brewery tours when the weather turns or wine cellar tastings if I am in the right area. Plus who can be mad about the rain when you are on your 4th glass of red wine?

8. Historical Tour

This is the day to go check out the 200 year old church or the restored castle, or the Mayan ruins. There is history everywhere and a quick search or call to the front desk will tell you where to find it.

9. Take a drive

This one is my favorite. Rent a car, pack some snacks, and go for a drive. Explore the place you paid some much to get to. The rain can’t get to you from inside the car and you will be shocked at everything you can see and find from the road. This is one of my favorite things to do when it rains!


10. Check the Resort

If you happen to be staying at a resort, ask them if they have any activities happening. Most large resorts have daily activities for their guests even on the sunniest of days, and they can be more fun than you think.

We hope our ideas helped when it comes to finding things to do when it rains on vacation!

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