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10 Small Tattoos That Anyone Can Pull Off

10 Small Tattoos That Anyone Can Pull Off

If you look around wherever you go, you’ll notice that tattoos are pretty much the norm. And nowadays, more people are starting to get bigger, intricately detailed tattoos. It’s not abnormal to have the thought of getting one (trust me, I was in the same boat). However, most of us don’t want to get those big or incredibly detailed tattoos because we know we won’t be able to sit through the pain that long, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Smaller, simpler tattoos can also be very appealing. Small enough so the pain is quick, but big enough so that it can be seen. Here are 15 examples of small tattoos that I’ve seen on people around campus that I believe ANYONE can pull off.

1. A Cross

Yes, the typical cross tattoo that most people tend to get on one of their wrists (and by most people, I mean me…because I have one on my left wrist). Although simple, this design can have so many different meanings behind it – making it special to each individual.

2. A Zodiac Sign

For those who are really into astrology…or just have a cool-looking zodiac sign.


3. A Quote

I see a lot of people on campus with short, single-lined quotes. Sometimes the quote is significant to them, other times it’s just a quote they saw on Instagram and wanted to replicate. I’ve seen them on arms, shoulders, backs, and even on a leg. Get creative with this one.

4. Birds Flying

Not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo like this. It’s really cute and you can make it your own depending on the type of birds or the pattern.  I’ve seen this tattoo on one’s shoulder and even on the side of the arm.

5. Flowers

Flower tattoos can range from being small and simple to small and detailed; each option gives off a totally different vibe.


6. Stars

Simple, black stars. Many people tend to get this with their sister or best friend. Whether you place one lone star on your wrist, or a collection of dainty stars along your collar bone, this look is so pretty; anyone could pull it off.

7. An Arrow

Many people get the tattoo of an arrow to symbolize that things can pull you back, but you will always shoot forward again…just like an arrow. I find this tattoo to be really cute no matter where you get it.

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8. Infinity Symbol

Whether it signifies no boundaries, endless possibilities or infinite love; this tattoo is an amazingly popular choice, and for good reason – it’s adorable!

9. Coordinates

Many people choose to mark the importance of a specific time or event by getting the coordinates where the activity took place. I’ve seen this on the inside of arms, the back of the neck and rib cage, but could look cute just about anywhere.

10. A Glyph

A glyph is a graphic symbol or character with a specific meaning. Due to the simplistic nature of these symbols, they make for really nice small tattoos that hold much bigger meaning.


Now, there are so many more ideas for small tattoos, these are just a handful that I’ve seen. If you ever want to get a tattoo, go ahead! Get creative! And get something that is really meaningful to you. Also! Remember these tattoos are permanent…so they should be a representation of you. That doesn’t mean every tattoo you get has to have this deep meaning that you have to explain whenever someone asks you about it. It just means that you want to get a tattoo of something that you’re proud to have. Before getting your tattoo, make sure to check out the place where you’re going to get it and the artist who will be doing it. You don’t want the tattoos to get infected and you always want it to be clean. Take care of it and it should turn out to be everything you wanted and more!

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